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Erdogan: Turkish soldiers will help Albanians liberate their lands

May 7, 2012

Source:, 07.05.2012

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan menaced to disband the state of fYROM and the Western Balkans, if measures are not taken to assure the rights of Albanians.

In an interview about the current situation to a state TV station, Erdoğan declared that Turkey will support its Albanian brothers with its troops, reports the Albanian online newspaper “GlobiSot”.

He added that the Albanian people has the right to self-determination and the creation of a Great Albanian State, and that UCK is not a revolutionary – terrorist organisation, but expresses the will of the Albanians to defend their lands.

Erdoğan also said that Turkish troops are on standby to help liberate Occupied Albanian Lands.

The declaration of the Turkish Prime Minister, according to the article, caused strong reactions from the Greek Foreign Minister and his Serbian counterpart.

  1. lenny permalink


  2. Good, so as soon as the Turkish Republic returns Constantinople to the Greeks they can do whatever they like with the Albanians.

    • Absolutely 😉

    • nesti permalink

      Costandinople to the greeks? Why it was greek? learn histry man

    • soultana permalink

      The Albanians who converted to islam have no business in Albania. They should get the hell and go to Turkia! No one want Islamist in their land to stone their daughters and to fuck them at age 9 a their Mohamed the pedophiliac did.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Guess what? Not only is Albania 60-70% muslim, but so is 90% of Kosovo and 95% of Albanians in the rest of the balkans. Albanian Muslims are the real Albanians. Christian boy molesters should go to gayreece (orthodog) or Italy (catholic).

        • soultaNA permalink

          Soon all muslims will disapear of the face of the earth. sad but true.

          • Insha-Allah I hope that day will come SOON….. Kick them out from Europe/Western World and follow it up with the immigrants that do not Assimilate….

            • Anonymous permalink

              Continue running scared of the Muslims,the Turks ,and the albanians just like all your fore father’s did hahaha weak ass catholics

              • Anonymous permalink

                Go to Hell Erdogan your time will come you will be put too trail for your war crimes against humanity.. fuck you and all of Turkey.. you will be joining Hitler and Atataurk in Hell soon enough.

          • xyz permalink

            lol…..that is never gonna be possible….. u wait and watch…!

          • Lllll permalink

            All religious Albanians should leave their religions behind and focus on important things, such as overcoming economic challenges and investing in the country’s infrastructure!

        • Dimi permalink

          Ai kihou

      • Anonymous permalink

        The Albanians religion is only the nation of Albania no were in the Albanian terrorists was the things that go on at the middle east as a matter of fact is that for religious tolerance you won’t find another place in Europe

      • kind heart permalink

        You have big problem because you have no heart you have a heart but feel nothing…if a person is musliman is less then a human ? I think God is far away from you and people as you so I don’t know who is going to hell here ? Good luck in finding the way

    • kind heart permalink

      This is was the time when Albania was about to open the ancient documents and if that happen the Albanians will have to say to Greeks,Italians,Slavic and Turks get out of my land so Erdogan will help the Albanians for the history not to change

      • Fritz permalink

        turks should then go back to mongolia and make everyone happy

      • Sam permalink

        You Muslim Albanians have nothing ancient.

        Albanians hadn’t been invented until fairly recently.

        The history of the inhabitants of what is today identified as being Albania was created and written by foreign conquering empires.

        Albanian history was propagandized primarily by the Habsburgs and the Ottomans as they occupied and controlled the mostly illiterate mountain inhabitants up until 50 years ago.

        Skenderbeg, the so called father of Albania was in fact a Serbian noble, Skenderbegs father and brother are both interned at the Serbian Monastery in Hilandar Greece.

        Many Albanians of today are decent of the Turkish conquest of the Balkan Peninsula, hence Albanians are 90% Muslim.

        There are no historic records of so called Albanian history in the Balkans let alone Europe prior to Austro-Hungary’s efforts to create it in the 19th century.

        Language is the primary unifying attribute for all nations.

        This is precisely why the Albanian language was conceived and created in the 19th century.

        The Austro-Hungarians wanted to unite two culturally and linguistically distinct groups (Tosks and Ghegs) to form one unified state known today as Albania.

        Since both groups were illiterate at the time, it was easy for the conquering Hapsburgs to instill a new language and create a history for this region of the Balkans

        The Albanian State was formed by creating a new language for two different and district ethnic groups, the Tosks and Ghegs are the two ethnicities that were merged into one new Albanian nation in the late nineteen hundreds.

        This hybrid state was created, by Austria-Hungry with the hopes of further fracturing the indigenous Slavic Communities in the Balkans.

        A few well respected and internationally recognized Albanian historians understand the regions history very well and have explain the history of Albania in great detail.

        Unfortunately the region is still holding on to the propaganda that was ingrained into the society only a century ago.

        To add to the confusion, Albania was a closed and communist country until only 2 decades ago.

        It will likely take a few more generations to accept the true history of the region, I suggest that those who are truly interested watch and pay attention to what the top Albanian academic has to say.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    its Macedonia

  4. petar pan permalink

    What Great Albania??? you bastard, they have Albania, let them move there, they are terrorists who want to take someones land. And is not FYROM, it is Republic of Macedonia!!!

    • Anaconda permalink

      Shkupi is Albania.
      Belgrade is Albania.
      Long Live Great Albanian Nation.
      We will vanish slavs (Slaves) out of Balkans.Back to Carpathian Mountains you fucking savages.

      • Nikola Karic permalink

        Erdogan will die very soon, probably in only few months… He suffers from colon cancer in the terminal stadium….These are sick,stupid and ridiculous statements of dying man….

        • soultana permalink

          the Russians will fuck endoran you will see! The Balkans will watch and laugh of the garbage dog torn to apart.

      • Dzhordzho ALeksandrovski Aryanov(olianidze) permalink

        bastard semtic turkosaudi shit, burn in ember to charcoal
        son of shit, pseudojew

      • Cloak permalink

        You will all die If you try …. Regards from Belgrade from Serbian heroes!!!

        • Alban Deliu permalink

          Ihr Serben habt 5 Kriege hinter einander verloren hahahahahaah und seid hoffnungslos Edogan wird uns helfen um euch Serben in den Arsch zu ficken 😉 :**

    • ANONIMOUS permalink

      what republic of Macedonia? that is Yugoslavia stup! Macedonia is north Greece!
      Go to images of old yugoslavia and there you will see Vardarshka banovina.(FYOM)
      if Turkia will put a foot in the Balkans, the north bear and Europe will shred your Turkish ass into peaces. THE WHOLE WORLD HAD IT WITH MUSLIMS.

      • Anonymous permalink

        do you have the idea how many troops have the turkey
        10 milion
        in a declarate erdogan say to greece
        do not speak to much because when my troops attack u
        my first solider will be in athina and my last solider will be in his bed wearing his clothes

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Shkupi is Albania.
    Belgrade is Albania.
    Long Live Great Albanian Nation.
    We will vanish slavs (Slaves) out of Balkans.Back to Carpathian Mountains you fucking savages.

    • Dzhordzho ALeksandrovski Aryanov(olianidze) permalink

      e bolshoe dobro POGROMit shiptari bosnjaki turkosaudi cecni ingush
      zhid, katolixo xorvace

  6. Anonymous permalink

    your ass is albanian fucking bastard my dick is in you albanian ass FUCKER

  7. Anonymous permalink

    fuck turks from a christian albanian. we’re not brothers you mongol hybrid, i will gut you just like skanderbeg did to your ancestors

    • Illyrian justice permalink

      are you crazy,are you stupid,turks now are our friends,and they are ready to help as in are long war for a unifiecation of our old Illyrian nation.
      Brother greeks and slavs are christian,they will assimilate albanians but Islam saved them,they assimlated many albanian ortodox in greece and other lands

      • Ushtar Kavaja permalink

        Turks are our only hope for united Albania.Who else will help us like that?Yes in history turks were our enemies but we have moved on Slavs and greeks are our enemies
        i dont thimk we can rely on the EU for this matter

        • jstuxx permalink

          The EU controls Turkey, you will soon see who liberated you from Serbia and why, do you think its so you can stop trusting them and build a greater Albania. Be careful as the Serbs in Kosovo can very quickly become genocidal victims if Albania ditches the EU.

        • jstuxx permalink

          Wow plus Albanians have now officially surrounded themselves with enemies more like the Yugoslavs are reuniting and the Greeks are now siding with the Slavs against Albanians.

          • Yugoslavs are reuniting ???? AHAHAHAHAHHA…. maybe in your dreams, cause in the reality croatians, slovenians, they hate serbia, or (balkan russia)…Serbia is just a russian doll. They do what Putin wants. As you can see now, Croatia is in EU, Slovenia too. About Kosovo, the second albanian country will unite with Albania, then both will join EU as one ,strong, albanian country, it’s just a matter of time , you will see it. About greeks they have their economic problem, which wants years to solve, so they dont have much time for serbian stupidities.

        • Anonymous permalink

          shko mor buth qim kavaje shko qiu me turkun ne buth sikur jeni qi perpara shqiperia eshte e shqipetareve e jo e qoftese nuk ke force ti dalish zot vendit tane atehere rri urte.harrove ti se te paret tone dhane jeten te clirojn vendin nga turqit e ti do te behesh perkrah me to. por qa presim nga turku ne

          • Dzhordzho ALeksandrovski Aryanov(olianidze) permalink

            dont speak semitic turkosaudi

    • theodor permalink

      skenderbeg was a janissary in the ottoman army and he was trained by the turks. there are better and more famous albanian generals in the ottoman army than skenderbeg. also most of the turks have nothing to do with the mongolians. there are 9 million albanian and bosnian origined turkish citizens.

    • Anonymous permalink

      you really are an idiot …

    • ANONIMOUS permalink

      BRAVO FOUSTANELLA ALBANIA< screw the Turks as your grandfather did before!
      Zito Foustanella.

  8. Stefania permalink

    This declaration is super , it gives unique opportunity for Christians to set free Constantinople and to revenge for slaughtering Serbian and Greek people and other Christian people. We must claim back the center of Christianity which was stolen from us (Christians) by force in XV century. It is nice declaration because we shall take down those minarets from Aya Sofia and we shall take back our holy land. Asian Tribes will have to go back to Central Asia from where they came from along with their Shepherds Albanians-Arnauts. We can’t wait… Peace brothers and sisters ihihihihihihi

    • theodor permalink

      good joke gayreek.

      • soultana permalink

        you are the joke stupid Turk! get the hell go back where you come from stupid gypsies.

    • ANONIMOUS permalink

      All minarets look like diks.

  9. edi permalink

    will se you geyryks and fucken sllavs

  10. Anonymous permalink

  11. Simeon permalink

    Ей мустак!! Ще си докарате изритването от балканите , мръсни турци!

  12. Illyrian justice permalink

    Albanians will liberate their lands,thats a fact and soon will be true,
    Erdogan is a great man,

    • Anonymous permalink

      me fal o djali por kur ta qush veten ilirian nuk mund te thush se nje turk its great apo nuk e kupton kete fjale ti

    • Anonymous permalink

      Fuck off ugly anbanian shithead!!!! Smrt siptarima!!!

    • ANONIMOUS permalink

      Erdogan, the russians are comming to shred your ass.

  13. orhan permalink

    Why is it that everytime TURKEY is mentioned the Balkans shit themselfs,probably because they no that Turkey is serious and off course they will defend their Albanian brothers like it or not what a great day that will be ,i myself do love everything Turkish apart from Ataturk ideas,

  14. Big Basha permalink

    We are Albanian.

    We are one Nation.

    We do not Forgive.

    We do not Forget.

    Expect us.

    • Dzhordzho ALeksandrovski Aryanov(olianidze) permalink

      STFU hell out off

    • Anonymous permalink

      Pusi kurac siptare….razbili smo vas. serbs have defeted albanians i 3 wars, without nato idiots, you will be just an old story. Serbians are warriors, albanians are slaves

    • Anonymous permalink

      Albanian Brothers? you mean Turko/Albanian Muslims right? those once who kill and rape and steal? Those once who have the same genetics as the Turk genocides?

  15. Anonymous permalink

    bullshit ,,not true

  16. ShqipKS permalink

    To the person who said “they have Albania, move there!” you don’t know much about history or politics. Modern day Albania is 1/3 of the original Albania before our land was split up in the london conference in 1913. 42 Albanian cities are outside of Albania. Learn before you speak. Macedonians are Macedonian by Tito, Bulgarians by God. How can you say Macedonia exists when it is an experimental state created in 1943…never existed before then. Idiots. Long live ETHNIC Albania, not Greater Albania but ETHNIC because they are OUR lands.

    • are you seriously that ignorant ? lol Macedonia existed before as a Greek/Byzantum state before the ottoman and you are a descendente of fucking turks who still till this day occupying Byzantym and more than 10,000 km2 from Armenia and other nations, and you dare of talking about slaves you cunt !!!!!!????

      • Ushtar Kavaja permalink

        Macedonia did exist but in greece not north where it is today.Macedonians arent a race.In macedonia your either bulgarian or Albanian.While the homosexual greeks were pissed by the name chosen by the slavs they were ‘brothers” with them..
        My opinion split the country between albanians and bulgarians so the greeks stop bitching about the name.

        • ANONIMOUS permalink

          “The name chosen by the Slavs”? What name? Makedonia? Correct! they are Slavs and Not Macedonians like me! “Homosexual Greeks”? The Turks mongols and Bulgarian gypsies have sex with cows, pigs, and goats. that is why their faces are rearanged animalystic genetically.

    • jstuxx permalink

      @ShqipKS we don’t care about history, we live in 21st century you sound like a child oh we had this, we had that, well Bulgaria also had this, also had that, Greece also had this, also had that, Armenia and Georgia also had this and had that. Move one what once was does not mean always will be I repeat we don’t care about history Germans don’t go crying to Russia about Kaliningrad, Russia doesn’t go crying to US about Alaska. Its all ancient history, we can always make you lose more territory if you carry on. If you take territory from Macedonia we can also say it was our land before you stole it and then do the same to you. Turkey has its own ethnic minority problem so the best thing for them is to keep there mouth shut.

      • jstuxx permalink

        Plus remember how big Macedonia’s territory used to be under Alexander the Great, what if they start saying the same thin Shqipy said. What if Mongolia says the same thing, it used to be the largest country in history.

      • jstuxx permalink

        Oh and Albanians are also being hypocrites telling the Serbs they lost a war get over Kosovo, but they can’t get over the there ancient territory. Well thanks Albanians for making the Serbs good people.

      • no. permalink

        Russia sold Alaska to the US. just saying.

  17. Fuck Turkey and their “Albanian” brothers, even albania doesn’t to those turks called themselves “ALbanian” the true albanian are the christians and :

    Kosovo is Serbia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is the God of slavs not the fucking turk cunts !!!

    • doesn’t belong*

    • Anonymous permalink

      dont be so sily you twat albanians are not turks.
      i can see you on your profile pictrure and i dont know whot to think but you look like a turk to me is that wy you hate turks

  18. crazy macedonian permalink

    erdogan is fuckin bastard UCK IS THERORIST ORGANISATION now i see what face have turks
    greatings to all you bastard from macedonia our battle is not finish uck killed our macedonian children soon we gonna revenge for that

    • Ushtar Kavaja permalink

      Yeh we killed your children(bullshit propaganda)but how many people did serbs kill?got an estimate or guess?croatia,bosnia,kosovo
      take a look at history before you spitting bullshit b

      • jstuxx permalink

        Macedonians are not Serbs, Macedonians have committed no genocide against Albanians, so you basically killed innocent Macedonian children.

        So as to apply what your logic, Some random person in America kills a random Brazilian person, that gives me the right to kill every Albanian who had nothing to do with it.

        • Dzhordzho ALeksandrovski Aryanov(olianidze) permalink

          STFU !

          crngorj makedonci srbi ruski ukrainsk osetin ….

        • Anonymous permalink

          What Makedonia are you talking about clown? There is only one Makedonia and that is North Greece! Your fold arrived in the Balkan 600 AD, jack ass!

    • theodor permalink

      wait we killed serbian men and it was nice. we also enslaved you for 400 years. it was also nice. serbian women are the best to fuck . hahahahaha

  19. illyria007 permalink

    For those ignorant slavs and bastard Greeks….


    • jstuxx permalink

      Illyrians are Greek you moron. And plus what historical proof do you have about Shqiperia. But lets just look at Albania’s neighbors. All the Slavs that means, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Montenegrins, Serbs and Croats hate Albanians, Plus the Greeks hate Albanians, That means you are totally surrounded by people who hate you. Don’t ask for trouble as usually we are very calm, tolerant and patient people but if you take advantage of that we could suddenly take revenge and Albania will lose even more territory, You saw this in action when Russia was very tolerant of the Chechens but when they started acts of terror you saw what happened to Chechnya, completely in ruins so many people homeless displaced injured, the effect was so big that the when the Turkish president tried to inspire the new Chechen president to fight for independence he said he was tired of fighting and watching innocent people die when he will have a better life inside Russia rather than outside (again USA is trying to break up a big and powerful nation: Russia, so at least your dreams of Greater Albania are free and I would love to see you try and love to see the result and love to see how supportive the west will be).

      • theodor permalink

        half of russia is not even russian. 20% of russian population is muslim and they do not be a part of the russian mess.

    • ANONIMOUS permalink

      soon will be your turn, and you will regret the day you were born as Muslin!
      H ahahahahah

    • ANONIMOUS permalink

      Greetings from the USA Greece,
      You are not Great Alabanian, you are of Turkish dog sperm. God was not happy with you, so he took the mud and splashed on the wall and there you appeared. Flat head Turk with hook nose.

  20. Takis permalink

    On the END is all war beetwen muslems and catolic/pravoslav/orthodocs ..they do not want any other religion to live..check the prohit muhamed ….they want from us to die …greeks, surbs, macedonians, bulgarniasn…all europe peoples who are not muslems…and the war will come is just the little time left before that….

    • Meral permalink

      If we Türks wanted everyone who was not a müslüman dead then they would be dead by now! We don’t have an economy based on land-expansion anymore, just fuck the calm down and stop trying to work against Türks with your baseless claims

  21. jstuxx permalink

    Do Turkey better watch out because Turkey does not want another war with Russia. Turkey lost the war with Russia and Russia can wipe Turkey and Albania off the map. Remember it was Russia that liberated the balkans from Turkey.

    Plus Turkey wants to talk about liberation, a good time to talk about liberating the Kurdish and Armenian minorities in the east. Plus USA will not support as they do not want a greater country. They want tiny tiny tiny countries like Kosovo, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia which they can easily control. Why do you think Yugoslavia broke up, it was a big powerful nation which they didn’t need. Why do you think USSR broke up, again a big powerful nation which they don’t need. A greater Albania is not want they want. My advice to Albanians is stick to Kosovo, or else you could lose that and pretty soon there will be a time when Christians in Albania do not want to live with muslims under muslim rule and we can see a nice split straight through Albania just like we saw with Sudan (by the way Sudan was also a big powerful nation which USA didn’t need)

    • Anonymous permalink


  22. jstuxx permalink

    Oh and easy way to make Albanians live under one state is to deport them all back to Albania, that’s right a lot of them are illegal immigrants and I don’t care about “…but we are Illyrians we are entitled to the land you are the immigrants go back to Russia”, whether they were Illyrians 2000 years ago is beyond the point in the 21’st century. We have new countries now, what once was doe not mean always will be. The laws of the new countries apply with regards to immigration so don’t pull out the Illyrian card, Illyrians are Greek, Albanian is nothing like Greek and Albanians are nothing like Greeks. Plus western Europeans are proactive as they saw what happened with Kosovo and they won’t let this happen as pretty soon they will see pieces of Italy going to Albania, plus are you forgetting Greece is in western Europe.

    Oh and About the Christian / Muslim Split if the Christian areas have oil (just like in Sudan), the split is inevitable if the muslims don’t do exactly what the west tells them to.

  23. Arvanitika permalink

    Greece is in Western Europe physically (only for money loans) spiritually Greece is in East (Russia).
    I would rather say that Illyrians were Pelasgians because Homer himself portrayed the War of Troy as a conflict between Pelasgians (he did not mentioned the Greek word once in his work)
    No no the West saw Vojvodina, Prussia, Sweeden s Artic, Macedonia and when they saw Kosovo they said STOP to Europeans territorial abuse. If Europe needs to expand itself needs to go EAST and SOUTH of it.
    But considering the fact that you as a Greek have not the b lls to deal with Turkey, pray on Macedonains (and civilians Chams)
    Albanians NEVER asked Turkey s help, actually it was Greeks and Slavs to fight together with Turks against Albanians (maybe Erdogan might be an Arnaut imigrant ancestor in Turkey – or Arvanites in Greek and he feels compassion for his Blood)

    The enemy of my enemy if my friend.

    No matter what – Turkey and Albania are natural allies with one other because they have the common enemies (for nowadays, maybe tomorrow the alliances might change – on middle ages ottomans were the sworn enemies of Arbers – in 1800-s greeks were the sworn enemies of ottomans because most of the Albanians adapted to the new lifestyle)

    Serbs and Greeks are natural allies as well because they share common threats as well (the RISE OF A NATURAL ETHNIC ALBANIA)- Serbs are no different form Macedonians in language, genes, blood, tradition, and religion believes, but yet Greeks see Serbs as Orthodox brothers and Macedonians as Slavs.

    Well, the situation in Macedonia is not the same as it used to be before for the Albanians, but still there are abuses. Finally after a century of occupation schools in Albanian language are being opened.(and that happened only due to the Conflict of 2001). Again if an armed conflict happens between Albanians in Macedonia and Slavo Macedonains only Albanian guerrilla might win the fight ( it won the one of 2001 – it was the Macedonians who asked for Cease fire). I don t think Turkey intervention is needed for slavo-Macedonians.
    Turks should sharpen their knives if God forbid something happens in Chameria.


    • jstuxx permalink

      Wrong Greece is not in western Europe physically (Actually physically they are very eastern), Greece is politically in Western Europe as they were not communists (well they were the first to end it) like Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Romania and Albania were. How do you know Albanians would win the fight without anyone to supply the weapons buts its ok just when we put everyone on trains and force them out of Macedonia, or we open fire and use the military don’t cry genocide as its getting a little old now.

  24. jstuxx permalink

    Well so Turkey admits Albanians are Turkish brothers not Illyrians.

  25. I AM THE PELASGIAN permalink

    Greece is politically in the west? Which one of the West countries has the same mentally the statesman of Greece has? Greece politics and politicians cannot even understand how a western society organizes itself even the less trying be like them.

    Greece had a communist party and it had a nasty civil war. But yes, you are right Greece has never had a totalitarian communist regime, being Russia’s strongest allies it was never needed. Greece supported Russia more than Jugosllavja and Albania itslef did. Congratulations to Greece and Turkey for not being communist states. (another thing in common with Turkey)

    If you consider Albanians as Turks you should also consider the same the Arvanites (the foundation of your fake state created on religion ideologies like communism. A state with diverse ethnicities.) between me and you you have a higher chance to be brothers with Turks because Albania never has any population exchange with Turkey based on religious beleives.


    What did Greece do when civilians in Kosovo were crying no to genocide?
    -It was supporting the Slavic paramilitary troops (from russia,servia,macedonia,montenegro). So if any Albanian civilian cries NO GENOCIDE its none of your Greek concience business to judge what to do because you showed who you were in 1999. – You also killed Aristidh Kola, the enlightned Arvanite who was supporting his blood brothers, not the fake ones created by papadhimuja.
    If you support Serbia pls STOP annoying Macedonia because macedonians and Serbs are no different. If Serbs are your Orthodox brothers so are the Macedonains. If Macedonians are Sarmatian/Slavs then so are the Serbs.

    You want to put people on train?-Were were your trains in 2001? –


    • jstuxx permalink

      I do not consider Albanians as Turks, I’m am just saying why is Erdogan calling them brothers when I thought they were Illyrians and not a mongoloid Turkic tribe from Asia.

      We didn’t do anything in 2001 and this is how you repay us. We actually gave Albanians a chance because we believed Serbs did actually commit genocide but after that we saw how wrong we were, Serbs were just rightfully trying to get rid of Rebels with territorial claims. Next time we won’t be so forgiving and will not hesitate to use every weapon in our arsenal be it physical, chemical and do exactly what the Serbs did and I am telling you not to use the same ethnic cleansing and genocide card as we have Bulgaria and Serbia on our side.

      • Meral permalink

        Milosevich lover Greek Angels, Srebrenica tourists

  26. jstuxx permalink

    Plus Turkey has more important matters such as helping Syrian rebels and making sure it does not liberate too many people as pretty soon the Kurds and Armenians might say “why does Turkey put so much effort to liberate everyone else and assure rights of minorities in other countries when Turkey doesn’t assure our rights, time we liberate ourselves”

    Plus Albania has a territory twice the size of Macedonia so its more than enough for the few Albanians to move to Albania if they are not happy. Truth is they are happy and its only a few UCK/NLA terrorists causing trouble.

  27. Arvanitika permalink

    Truth be told, you(Greeks) always want to destabilize the situation in Macedonia. you yourself as a Greek citizen do not have the means to do that. It is only the state of Greece that does it only by threatening Macedonia integration in NATO and EU. Greece does it by playing the card of Veto. Greek soldiers all they can do is sing songs and try to imitate Albanians/Arberesh/Arvanites courage.(Pls Stop shortening the length of your fustanella, it is very nasty)
    You supported Milloshevic massacres and you defended all of their atrocities. Because you don t see Servian as Sarmatians but as Orthodox brothers (Ta qifsha Zotin)
    you say ¨next time¨ as if Greeks have ever fought against Albanians. The last conflict you had it was a civilian genocide and an ethnic cleansing with Chams iin Chameria after WW2. So if it s gonna a be a next time you gonna have to pay your sins you committed towards Chams. Ndaksi?

    I don t care what are the Turkey s problems. I am not even concern about it. Why do you care so much anyways, are you scared?

    you did not do anything in 2001 because you wanted that to happen in Macedonia and you were praying Macedonia will get dissolved, but that did not happen because the Ohrid Conference allowed the Pelasgians to learn Pelasgian and open Albanian Universities.

    Now seriously, is that how you give courage to yourself by saying that you have Servia and Bulgaria in your side? hahahahahahahahahaha

    Maybe you have Russia too, but who cares. the difference between a Greek and an Albanian is that a Greek believes in God meanwhile an Albanian believes in his self thinking he is the God

    Hey you know you are dealing with Pelasgians here don t you?
    -( you better know your enemy – i ll give this as an adivce )

    • jstuxx permalink

      Wow I’m so scared of Albania, Albania is a really strong country, and rich too, richest in the Balkans, richest in Europe, besides I’m not Greek, neither Macedonian so don’t really care that much about what happens there, tired of pretending I do.

      You should care more about Turkey’s problems because Turkey cannot go forever saying lets liberate other minorities in other countries while, their own minorities are not recognized, this is very dangerous for them as the Kurds have already had enough and this “liberation” can lead to their inevitable independence which will set Turkey’s priorities straight. Basically what I am saying is don’t count on Turkey to actually fulfill these claims that they will help you, as Turkey is not that stupid to shoot itself in the foot like that.

      And you laugh at Bulgaria and Serbia (when I actually meant that they that one powerful ally) but you sound really, really threatening calling yourself a Pelasgian, hahahahahaha Turkish brother.

      And I didn’t support Milosevic, but after the 2001 conflict I saw what the real reason was for the massacres, and what Milosevic was actually trying to do, get rid of a terrorist, rebel threat in which had it not been for NATO they would have succeeded and this time NATO is more preoccupied in Afghanistan, and is keeping a watchful eye on Syria and Iran being ready to attack so I don’t think they are gonna give up that post and bomb Macedonia, whats gonna be the excuse this time, while letting Iran close the strait of Hormuz effectively sending oil prices (world wide) sky high.

    • soultana permalink

      Screw you and your fake Makedonia jack ass!
      Makedonia is only one and that is Greece! Don’t you think we know you are an ottoman sperm bastard?
      Look at your self in the mirror, smell your self and you smell the Turk in you! Duh?

  28. jstuxx permalink

    Enough with this thread now, its was posted in May, its August now no help has been received and this is the only place I’ve seen this being posted, its validity cannot be trusted. Officially out now.

  29. Arvanitika permalink

    You are out? ok afelazin.
    I have not Albanian nationality either. By blood I am an Arvanites, but I was born outside of Europe. My biggest concern is to make Arvanitika an official language in Greece.

  30. Hüseyin permalink

    I’m a Turk and am not here for an explanation of nationalism but I just wanna point out some facts.
    ** Turkey is one of the greatest powers in NATO and it is OBVIOUS that Albania have could joined this treaty only with the support of Turkey. Nobody can deny or ignore it, to be fair. Before saying historic insults, consider this fact again.
    ** FYROM or Republic of Macedonia -whatever you call it- is a friend of Turkey and it will be. As long as their conflicts with Greece continue on international areas, Turkey will be supporting Macedonia. So, Turkey will not interfere in possible problems between Albania and Macedonia because we consider both of them as allies.

    While you all are fighting each other and telling stupid claims about Turks and also about yourselves, Turkey just wants to cooperate with Bosnians, Albanians, Macedonians,
    500-600 years of Ottoman rule has already finished. Stop your racist remarks. Today it’s Turkey that does all the military remodelization educations of Bosnian, Macedonian and Albanian armies.

    I see messages about Russian and EU effect on Turkey above. Do you really think that Russia can do whatever he wants just because of its military power? Sorry dudes but economic ambargoes rule in this world. Nothing is as easy as you dream it. Neither Turkey, nor EU, nor Russia is ‘completely’ free.

  31. Rafaella. permalink


    serbs are iranians from siberia,and they origin:
    albanians are the only ILLYRIANS-THRACIANS:

    Greetings from Italy to Albania,Brother for ever!

    • soultana permalink

      Hahahahahaha, most man from Turkia think they are Turks but they are Greeks and from other nationalities!.
      Children were stolen from the Greek mothers arms from the pig Turks to convert the kids to become Turks and fight against their Greek people! Those stolen kids call them “GENITSAROS”.
      Check your generics! We have the history to prove it! The History was written by Russian, French and British reporters who were witness at that time! If you think you are Turk? Think again! The pain your Greek mother suffered from the Turk Killers! The history describing the Turks as most ugly people with hook like nose and very small eyes, with very dark complection. Most Turks now days look like Greeks! For that they are stolen Greek boys by the Turks!
      Check out “Genitsaros” my friends.

  32. Anonymous permalink

    To all the haters.. ALBANIANS ARE COMMING ….deal with it! with turkey’s help or not we are going to take our lands back because are ours and people leaving in these lands are Albanian. the injustice that was done to the Albanian people and Albanian lands in 1913 is going to be restored…what i don’t like is the Albanians talking about religion!!! religion is a secondary matter and has nothing to do with our origins and nationality. fuck all religions WE ARE FIRST ALBANIAN and then each one can believe on what the fuck you want. Skenderbeu didn’t fight the Turks because they were myslims he fought them because the were invaders….and we are doing to fight anyone that is trying to take our lands,distroy our history and kulture and kill our people no mater what religion or race they are….Long life to all Albanians wherever they are…

    • Anonymous permalink

      listening to another asshole like you is not going to better things but only make them worse. I understand your point. I am an immigrant whose family was kicked out by the turks in Istanbul.
      I never hated them I never hated Albanians or people who want to give their sovereignty names like Macedonia. i need for us Balkans to unite and to be given the freedom to live were we feel we belong.
      sorry for calling you an asshole but only assholes talk about frontiers. Unite your economy stabilise the areas politics , create a strong Balkans, unite unite unite under oppression and stop the shifting of large numbers of population. Return individual land back, live together brothers because everytime you did that the Balkans were strong. They have always tried to create disputes in the Balkans and destroy our ethnicities and beliefs through religions and frontiers. WE CONTROL WHAT GOES IN AND OUT OF EUROPE Lets show them whet we Balkans are made out of. Soul strength and happiness. Our music and cultures have been mixed through the years and all of us have gained qualities that are good from each other. We have learned from one another for many years. We have bled for many years together we have fought each other for no reason, just because they wanted us split.

    • soultana permalink

      Albanians are coming? You mean Muslims are coming? The real Albanians wear foustanella like the Greeks! The remnants of the Ottomans who reside in Albania will get their ass slashed by the real Albanians! The Foustanella!
      That is right! we don’t like muslims who berry the woman half way into the ground to stone them! Muslims are filthy pigs! The world hate you!

      • Anonymous permalink

        Soultana, you are an orthodog gayreek trying to divide Albanians. It’s not going to work.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    Many of us greeks who live in the geography of Greece are Turkish Christian Orthodox greeks who have been deprived of their land and have been forced to live in Greece. Most of us are raised as minor Asians and strongly without political status want to return to what were once our homes. Personally and my family have kept our titles of our land and homes in Turkey. All we want is a place we can call home. Greeks have embraced the Albanian minority with personal sacrifices, we have given them homes and a place in our society. We also want and need strong states in the Balkans . We have invested in their economy and have shifted large enterprises to areas like Albania. I and a lot of us Greeks and obviously not talking about the shameful Extreme right wing party “Golden Dawn”, believe in the Balkan idea and want to embrace our neighbours. Stop talking about troops and more wars in the area. Create politics that can privatise land and give the right to The Balkan people to live where they want and feel they belong. Shifting of large numbers of population has been a reality for many years decades and centuries, in the area. This has caused all or most of the disputes in the region. Stop shifting population around like they were cattle give back the land that belongs to those minorities, unite and put a thorn in World economy and politics. Brothers and sisters of all religion I am calling out for help as a human being unite under one idea, the idea of being human, stop the killings and the torture, create a BALKANIA that can be a model to world depression and human undignified struggle.

  34. Anonymous permalink


  35. Mark rothschild permalink

    Albanians are amongst righteous people, as such they will have their ethnic albania assembled back to them

  36. Anonymous permalink

    the slavs turks and greeks have wronged u before albanians never forget

  37. Anonymous permalink

    Fuck Islam. I’m an Albanian Catholic and i say fuck TURKS, GREEKS & SERBIANS. Fuck them all. They all need to get the fuck out of Albanian Lands.

    • Anonymous permalink

      MINORITY Albanian Christians are cowards and can only speak negatively about islam behind a computer screen, and never in real life.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    Albanians are illyrians. Germany and England named them Albanians when they split the illyrian lands. the name Albania comes from the illyrian tribe called Albani. There is no Serbia, There is no Greeks, There is no Macedonia, There is no Montenegro. Bosnia and Croatia are illyrian lands as well which where split when the illyrians let the Slavs migrate to there lands. The white Greeks are all of Albania blood. Pelagians & Arvanites are 100% ILLYRIAN “Albanian”.

    For the people that talk shit about Albania now, just stop and think for a second because the ILLYRIAN “Albanian” people where more civilized than any other people in the world. They had schools when other parts of the world did not. They build Empires throughout Europe. They build boats and controlled the Seas and they had the best and strongest warriors. They have more history than any country we know of.
    They have had more wars than most countries put together. when talking shit just remember, if Illyrian “Albanians” did not have all of these things that i am stating, Then why for thousands of years everyone tried to get into their lands to live and settle there live they Slavs and the Greeks did and others as well. Illyrians were the ones that fought the Persians as did the Albanian Catholic which fought against the Ottoman Empire for 700 years to not let them take over there land and most to stop them from taking over Europe, but Europe turned its back to Illyrians and after the 700 years war the powers of Europe Germany & England split the Illyrian lands into 5 countries. Albanian Catholics are the real warriors of Eurpe. Till this day everyone tries to claim “steal” Illyrian “Albanian” history.

  39. Anonymous permalink

    i can not wait to hunt sllavic pigs like a maniac taking their scalps and putt some good seed in their superkurva mothers wifes and sisters to improve their inbred bitch shitty race.

  40. Anonymous permalink

    Erdorgan can fuck him self. The real Albanians wear foustanella, not belly dancing suite like Erdorgan who dressed like ready to get fucked?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Albanians are slaves of Turks, Albanians are Turkish.

  41. Edorgon is a belly dancer, dancing on his tipi toes.

  42. Anonymous permalink


  43. Anonymous permalink

    Albanians and turks are inferior races.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    jam shqiptar dhe falenderoj turqit dhe djemt tan qe mbrojten ngjyrat e flamurit ton.jam gati ta jap jeten per kte ceshtje.

  45. Anonymous permalink

    Turkey and Albania brothers forever

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