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Panos Panagiotopoulos: “Skopje must respect our history”

June 8, 2013

Source: Proto Thema, 08.06.2013 (Translated by B.S.)

The assurance that the Greek armed forces remain strong and proud and maintain the dissuasive power of the country at the highest level, was given today, from Thessalonike, by the minister of Defence, Panos Panagiotopoulos, speaking at a ceremony commemorating the Macedonian Struggle, in the War Museum.

Mr Panagiotopoulos also stated that the period of the Macedonian Struggle provides valuable lessons to overcome the present crisis through unity, as there are common points between that period and today for Greece.

“Our nation at that time proved that it can coordinate, as long as there is a great idea […]. In but a few years from the bankruptcy of 1893 […] Greece reconstructed itself and advanced [….]. There are many common characteristics today with that time. The bankruptcy, the international economic control of the country from the troica of that time, sic European powers. And yet our grandfathers did not despair […]. The Greeks did not succumb to a national depression […]. When we unite we create miracles” he stated, reminding that, on the contrary, division brings situations like the experience of Asia Minor.

Message to Skopje

He also underlined that in Greece “We do not forget History, nor do we delete our heroes, as some newly-made, so-called historians would like”. He added that Greece wants to remain a peaceful force and respects the frontiers and international treaties.

He did, however, send a clear message to Skopje, underlining that. “We demand from the neighbouring state of Skopje to respect our history and not to embezzle and counterfeit it”.

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