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Indifference in Brussels for Skopje

December 15, 2012

An indication of the rapid improvement of the Greek image in Europe comes from developments on the Skopje issue. To start with, despite pressure from the Commission, the Greek government managed to include in the Conclusions of the Council, for the first time, a clear reference to the resolution of the issue of the name as a prerequisite for the beginning of accession negotiations of the EU with Skopje.

Yesterday evening a second slap came at the congress of the European Popular Party. An employee of Gruevski handed out a badly drafted denouncement of “the southern neighbour” at the EPP meeting, concerning the creation of problems for the accession progress of Skopje. None of the European leaders took any notice of it or was even concerned with the matter.

In the mean time, yesterday a journalist from Skopje, because of the decision of the Foreign Affairs Ministers of the EU not to give a date for the commencement of accession negotiations with Skopje, asked the spokesman of the [Greek] Foreign Affairs Ministry, Grigoris Delavekouras, whether Greece was violating the Interim Agreement “placing obstacles” for the negotiations. It was not only the question that was provocative, but the way it was expressed also, as the journalist on purpose used the term “Macedonia” three times in a single sentence…

“I would like to remind you that in this room we use the internationally recognized name for fYROM, as it is recorded in the decisions of the UN”, answered mr. Delavekouras and added that “from now on I will not answer questions, which do not use the proper term”…

Meaning that questions about “Macedonia” have just ended.


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