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Former PM of fYROM was Expelled from his Party

December 15, 2012

Source: Proto Thema, 15.12.2012 (Translated from Greek original by B.S.)

The largest opposition party, the Socialdemocratic Union (SDSM) of Branko Cervenkovski, following a decision of the Central Committee, earlier today expelled  from the party the former Prime Minister of fYROM, Vlado Bučkovski.

Mr. Cervenkovski declared that Vlado Bučkovski  is expelled from the party because for a long period he has publicly doubted and criticised the oppositional tactics of the party, resulting in damages for the image of SDSM.
Vlado Bučkovski, for the last two years, has openly disagreed with a number of choices of Branko Cervenkovski concerning the tactics and the functioning of SDSM, and has repeatedly expressed the opinion that SDSM, under the leadership of mr Cervenkovski, cannot face the ruling VMRO-DPMNE party of Nikola Gruevski.
Furthermore mr. Cervenkoski threatened today that SDSM will not participate in the municipal elections planned for March, if the government of N. Gruevski does not in the mean time reform the electoral laws and does not incorporate into it the recommendations of OSCE and does not get the electoral lists in order.

Vlado Bučkovski  was Prime Minister of fYROM from December 2004 till July 2006 and president of SDSM from November 2004 until November 2006. He had taken over as Prime Minister and as head of SDSM when Branko Cervenkovski in 2004 took the post of President. Branko Cervenkovski after the end of his term as president of fYROM, in 2009, reclaimed the leadership of SDSM.

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