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“The Declarations of Berisha Constitute Territorial Claims against Greece”

December 2, 2012

Source: Ta Nea, 01.12.2012

“The raising of territorial claims dynamites bilateral relations and hurts peace in a sensitive area and time” underlined the statement issued by the Democratic Union of the National Greek Minority ‘Omonia’, unreservedly condemning the recent declarations of the Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha. These declarations, as is underlined in the statement, constitute “a direct raising of territorial reclamations from the Albanian side against Greece”

“With unconstituted and historically unfounded declarations of this style the peace is menaced as is the common road of the countries toward the European completion”, continues the statement of “Omonia”. “Those who utter such views place themselves diametrically opposite the demands of our times and the hopes of the people”, while they “hurt Greek-Albanian relations that are a prime dimention of the hoped for peaceful collaboration in the region of South-East Europe”, the statement underlines.

“Omonia” also mentions that such declarations “are far from the spirit that should animate the relations of two partners, as is also imposed by the rules within the gulfs of NATO”.

Finally the organisation of the Greek Minority in Albania insists on the necessity to make “all the necessary steps so as the fundamental calm attempts to fulfill the priorities of the smooth accession procedure and the peaceful internal life, that secures the progress and prosperity of the Albanian People”.

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