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First Priority in the National Albanian Issue, says Berisha

December 2, 2012
Source: Proto Thema, 01.12.2012 (Translated from the Greek original by B.S.)

The Prime Minister of Albania, Sali Bersiha, returned to his nationalist declarations, despite the effort he made on Wednesday to recant what he had said during his speech in Avlona about “national independece of all Albanian territories, from Preveza to Presevo, from Skopje to Podgorica”.

Specifically in a Press interview he gave on Friday, on the day of the centenary of Albanian independence, he said that the unification of the Albanians must be done in the framework of the EU.

“The national issue is the pole star of the programme of the Democratic Party”, declared Sali Berisha. “Those who believe that we could have a different priority other than the national Albanian issue, are very much mistaken. They must know that our nation if is the center of programmes of extermination, much more than any other people” said S. Berisha.

“Albanians today are free, but Albanophobia continues to exist like a cloud over the region of the Balkans. There are those who are used to looking at Albanians as if they are second and third rate citizens”, claimed the Albanian PM.

“Albanians are no longer willing to accept any position other than that of free citizens, wherever they live in their homelands. Albanians today are more united than even. Every inch of Albanian territory, is territory in the National conscience of every Albanian” he ended.

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