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The Skopjans are annoyed because they were called “Slavomacedonians”

November 24, 2012

Aivo Orav

Source: Proto Thema, 17.11.2012 (Translated from the Greek by B.S.)

The ambassador of the EU in Skopjen Aivo Orav, has turned into a “red cloth” for the Skopjans, because he called them “Slavomacedonians”. The Esthonian diplomat partook in a summit in Brussels, where, during his speech on the Ohrid Agreement he stated: “The Ethnic Albanians and the Slavomacedonians of fYROM interpret the framework of the agreement differently”.

Orav’s reference to “Slavomacedonians” became the prime news item in local media, who considered it offensive, as they systematically attempt to delete every Slavic element of their identity, within the “antique-Macedonization” that the Gruevski government has been systematically carrying out these last years, aimed at appropriating the Greek cultural heritage of Macedonia.

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