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Skopje “annoys” Bulgaria with their policy

November 6, 2012

Source : Eleutheros Typos, 01.11.2012 (Translated from the Greek original by B.S.)

Rosen Pevneliev

An indication of the change of the policy of Sofia toward Skopje or a political move that mainly aims at “recruiting” the nationalist votes that the government party GERB [Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria] needs for the national elections of 2013?
Whatever the truth, the declaration of the president Rosen Plevneliev, that Sofia « cannot issue a European certificate to the leaders of Skopje, who are advancing and systematically imposing the ideology of hate towards Bulgaria » provoked widespread reactions
Multiple positive comments in today’s papers concerning the President’s call that “Skopje start using European criteria in their relations with neighbouring countries, without provocations, without demands and without manipulations”, which the state leader made during his meeting with the Commissioner charged with Enlargement of the EU, Stefan Füle in Sofia.
The Bulgarian media gave great publicity to mr Plevneliev’s words that “is is long due that the leaders in Skopje stop their anti-Bulgarian propaganda campaign, the forging and the falsification of historical events”. The President of Bulgaria concluded his meeting with the commissioner Füle with the conclusion that “the responsible European position toward our neighbours and toward the coming generations obliges us to respect history as it is”.
During the meeting mr Plevneliev clarified in a clear and unequivocal manner that “Bulgaria not only does not refuse the European future of fYROM, but helps it and supports it. However Skopje is not yet ready to start accession negotiations with the EU”.
“Bulgaria cannot agree with certain expressions in the recent Progress Report of the Commission concerning the progress in the accession course of the Western Balkans toward the EU. In our opinion the report does not reflect in a reliable manner the role of fYROM in multilateral collaboration in the region nor the current situation of bilateral relations of this country with Bulgaria”, declared the Bulgarian leader.
Mr Füle for his part repeated his well-know position, that fYROM “has long awaited in front of the closed doors of accession to NATO and the EU », while « isolation feeds nationalism », as he said, aong other thinks in his declarations after his meeting with the Bulgarian President, which were published by the official agency BTA and other Bulgarian media.

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