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The Answer of fYROM on the Name Issue Will soon be Given to Greece

October 26, 2012



Source: Proto Thema, 26.10.2012 [Translated from the Greek original by B.S.]


The government of fYROM will answer soon, when it considers that it is the best time, the on the Memorandum of Understanding that Greece proposed to Skopje, declared the Prime Minister of fYROM, Nikola Gruevski.

Nikola Gruevski

“The government will soon answer the Memorandum of Understanding, which it received from Greece at the beginning of this month, and the contents will be publicly accessible, as was the proposal of Athens. This answer will follow our hitherto actions and positions on this issue and will be in accord with the best interest of the Republic of Macedonia. We will answer soon, when we consider that it is the best time (to do this) and in a way that will be the best for the interests of the Republic of Macedonia”, mentioned Gruevski today, in the National Assembly of fYROM, answering a question of the MP Andrej Petrov, from the opposition party SDSM of Branko Cervenkovski.

Mr Petrov estimated that the Greek initiative must be answered as soon as possible, because by not answering a “single-page little Memorandum”, as he called it, it creates doubts that the government of fYROM is “hesitating as to accepting the Greek red lines”.

We remind the readers that the party of mr Cervenkovski has declared that the proposed by Greece Memorandum of Understanding, in the form that it was proposed, is unacceptable, and must be rejected immediately”, by Skopje.

According to SDSM, an eventual signing of such a Memorandum on behalf of the government of fYROM “would cause irreparable damages to the national interests of the country”.

Mr Gruevski accused SDSM, for yet another time today, of not having stable positions and a coherent view on the issue of the name.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs [of Greece], Dimitris Avramopoulos, with a letter to his counterpart in fYROM, Nikola Poposki, on the 3 October, proposed the signing of a Memoradum of Understanding between Greece and fYROM, which would set the guidelines and the basic parameters for the final solution of the issue of the name.

The government of fYROM has yet to officially take a position on the contents of the proposed Memorandum of Understanding.


Source: Athenian News Agency – Macedonian News Agency.

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