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Action agains fYROM for the OKTA refinery

October 23, 2012

By Ch. Liaggos, Kathimerini, 20.10.2012

“Unfounded and Unjust” are the terms used by Hellenic Petroleum representatives in their statement to describe the decision of the custom authorities of fYROM to withdraw nine permits of its daughter-company OKTA, concerning simplified procedures of import-export of petroleum products.

“On 18.10.2012, the subsidiary of the Hellenic Petroleum Group, OKTA AD – Skopje, was surprised to be informed that the custom authorities of fYROM published on their website a decision to interrupt the possibility of use by our company of the simplified procedure for import-export of petroleum goods. This decision is unfounded and, consequently, unjust and damaging, as it influences the uninterrupted provisioning with petroleum products of the markets of fYROM and Kosovo”, they mention in the statement. According to HEL.PET., the arguments that were used to justify this decision are shaky and unrelated to reality. Consequently, OKTA will use all the administrative and legal means to overturn them.

Although this decision creates serious difficulties and delays for the import procedure, OKTA, states HEL.PET., will try every means to secure the smooth and lawful provisioning of the markets.

According to the article published by the Athenian News Agency, the decision of the custom authorities to withdraw the permits of OKTA was taken “because of systematic violations, on the part of the company, of the custom laws”. As is mentioned “the company, for almost a year, has been functioning without the assurances that guarantee the safe transport of products and it did not supply all the necessary documents immediately or at the latest the following working day”. According to the information called on by the ANA, the customs authorities of fYROM took this decision after a control of the fuel that was being transported by truck from the HEL.PET. refinery in Thessalonike to the OKTA refinery, during which it was found that the quantity of octanes  was smaller than the minimum required.

Sources of OKTA, that are referred to by the ANA, consider that this control was inexact and was carried out with methods that are not in accordance with international practices and procedures. OKTA is the largest industrial and commercial enterprise in fYROM, with a yearly work cycle of 650,000,000 Euros, and moves approximately 900,000 MT of fuel per annum, covering a great part of the local market as well as the Kosovo market.


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