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The “Dead Macedonian”

October 17, 2012

By Stavros Tzimas, Kathimerini, 05.10.2012 [Translated from the Greek original]

Nikola Gruevski

The government of fYROM tried to dig a hole for the Greek side, using an imaginary « murder » at the end of last week, but it managed to fall into the hole itself. The Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski believed that he was faced with a great opportunity to show up Athens in a most damaging manner and he played with an unbelievable superficiality a dangerous game of propaganda.

He needed a « dead Macedonian » to prove to the international community how ruthless the southern neighbour is and he thought he had found the « lifeless body » of an « aegeac » – non existent as it turned out – named Alexander Samartziev

The ease with which his government adopted from the first moment the « revelation » made by a bilingual activist from Florina, according to whom his « cousin » had been murdered by Golden Dawn [Chrysi Avgi], and the falsely cunning way in which it handled it are shocking. It revealed that the system under Gruevski is capable of everything. Even « setting fire » to its relations with its neighbours.

It was the government controlled state television of Skopje that sounded the « war alarm », stating that « in Greece they are killing Macedonians » and watering the Slavomacedonian public opinion with anti-Greek poison. It was the government spokesperson who on Sunday, and while the affair had started to be elucidated, who insisted on keeping the issue high on the agenda with his declarations about “disgusting information”

Štefan Füle

for which he pretended to be awaiting confirmation before taking a position. It was the government that immediately mobilised Brussels, with the Commissioner charged with EU Enlargement, Štefan Füle expressing, a day before he visited Athens, his « unease » about a murder that never occurred and for which he had been « informed » by Gruevski, and he was obliged to stutter various excuses later.

Gruevski hurried to invest in a non-existent murder for one more reason: so as to put forward internationally and to add to the bilateral agenda the existence and the “abuse” of an unredeemed “Macedonian minority”. It did not, however, work out and now, after the fiasco, he is counting his losses. His profile as a trustworthy leader, who in moments of crisis must manage issues that are sensitive both for his country and for the neighbourhood, with calm and seriousness, was irretrievably damaged.

It is to be wondered how, from now on, can the person who has the primal role for the entry of fYROM into the EU, the Commissioner Füle in other words – and with his the international factor  – after the ridicule he suffered because of him and from the whole farcical comedy. As for Greek diplomacy, it will not let Gruevski’s “little present” go to waste. Mr G. Koumoutsakos has already brought the matter before the European Parliament.


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