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Balkan Story: A Personal Note

October 10, 2012

I would like to apologise to everyone who is interested in this blog for my prolonged absence: a combination of professional and personal reasons made it very difficult for me to update the project during the past few months.


I am (almost) back to normality now and thus hope that I will be able to continue with a relatively regular flow of updates on issues surrounding fYROM, Greece and occasionally the wider Balkans.


I would also like to take this opportunity to repeat my call for contributions: any media articles translated into English, French or German, as well as any audiovisual material and opinion pieces will be published as submitted, with the name of the contributor clearly stated.


One of the ambitions of this blog is that it may become a platform were dialogue on the issues that concern the two countries can be carried out, and the expression of a variety of viewpoints is the best way to start such a dialogue.


In the long term the addition of supplementary administrators of the blog will also insure that long periods of inactivity will be avoided…


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