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Petrov: Greece won’t be in current borders if it doesn’t recognize Macedonia

June 13, 2012

Source: MIA, 12.06.2012

For the first time in history, Hellas was created in 1821 as a uni-religious nation in which the word “Greek” meant to be a Christian and not an ethnos. Hence we have a paradox where everyone in Greece is Greek despite the fact the country is populated by everyone except Greeks, says the president of the World Macedonian Congress, Todor Petrov.Greece has a quarrel with our identity, yet it needs to be seriously worried about their own. According to historical facts presented by the WMC when Greece opens up its pandora box about all the ethnicities that live there (this day is approaching fast), the country will be forever changed.

The word ‘Greek’ is a synonym for being a Christian, explains Todor Petrov.

–  200 years ago Greece had few people, all different ethnicities and no common language. The country was created primarily and only due to the interests of the great powers England, France, Germany and Russia. Greece was created by occupying territories and committing genocides and forced evictions of people who lived in the occupied territories.

– Due to the lack of a ‘majority’ ethnos, Greece’s creators added this as the first law of the Constitution back in 1827 – “Greek is a Christian who lives in Greece”. Because of this, the word Greek doesn’t mean ethnos, there is no such thing as an ethnic Greek, says Petrov.

– In Macedonia we have already opened the ‘minority and ethnicity’ question. The day when this occurs in Greece is approaching faster than everyone thinks. When this happens their territory will be divided among the different ethnicities. This is unavoidable, says Petrov.

Petrov discussed the genocide committed against Macedonians since the Balkan Wars which continues to this day. Athens will be held responsible for this, says Petrov.

– In the second world war, Macedonian partisans were tricked by communists in Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria. All Macedonians joined the Greek communists in the civil war which unfortunately ended with the installation of Greece’s monarcho-fascists matrix by Britain which is governing Greece to this day.

Petrov discusses the creation, protection and maintenance of neo nazi and fascist groups.

– Greece’s Neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn is the heart of Ellada. Its existence is very much founded upon hatred, neonazism and anti-Macedonianism. Without nazifascism, Greece as a country wouldn’t exist. This nazifascism is continuousy supported by Brussels and Strasbourg. Because of this, Athens is requesting we change our name. But, any sort of change will not save Europe, nor the fake Hellas, concludes Petrov.

Petrov through his colleagues in Brussels says that even today Brussels is funding Athens with 2 billion euros a year to roam through Aegean Macedonia and destroy Macedonian artefacts or hide them in secret depots in Athens. The whole idea is to cover up the age old fallacy upon which “New Europe began”. Cultural globalism was started by the Macedonians, the Eurocrats in Brussels know this, says Petrov.

The World doesn’t begin nor end in Brussels or Strasbourg

The crisis has shown its true head. The project called “Greece” is nearing its end. The financial crisis which saw Athens borrow obscene amount of money which it will never be able to pay back, the unemployed masses, armed men with kalashnikovs entering homes and robbing civilians, failed elections… everything points out to a civil war. When civil war breaks out, there will be international intervention to keep the peace or installation of a military junta. As usual, Brussels will pay the tab for continuing their experiment with Ellada.

The Bilderberg group who recently met in Virginia, USA isn’t keen on seeing Greece swim out of their mess. According to the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’, Greece is already declared ‘dead’.

If Athens doesn’t recognize Macedonia, Greece will not remain in the current borders, warns the president of the World Macedonian Congress.

Panos Panagiotopoulos answers the Unheard-Of Declarations of the Skopjan Todor Petrov

Source: DefenceNet, 12.06.2012

The Head of the Foreign Affairs Department of Nea Democratia, MP for the Second District of Athens, Panos Panagiotopoulos, speaking of all that had been said against Greece by the President of the so-called “World Macedonian Congress”, issued the following statement:

“The declarations against Greece by Todor Petrov, President of the so-called “World Macedonian Congress”, move on the limits between being dangerous and being ridiculous.

The man himself, a leading member of the international propaganda and disinformation machine that the Gruevski regime has set up, just regurgitates the well-known lies, to which the Skopjans still insistently adhere, as they have in recent years, resulting in them having become stuck in a dead-end, as became clear in the last NATO Summit in Chicago.

The ridiculous part of the issue, however, does not make mr Petrov less dangerous, because such points of view are presented in foreign countries, where the societies lack the correct information, thus creating false impressions, that do not do good to Greece and the Hellenism of the Diaspora.

For this reason the activities of the so-called “World Macedonian Congress” must be tracked even more closely by the official representations of the Greek State, so as to cancel out with its actions every attempt to misinform the international public opinion by the instruments of Skopjan propaganda”.

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