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Irresponsibility and Lack of Will in Greece According to Skopje

June 2, 2012

 Source: Proto Thema, 31.05.2012 [Translated from Greek]

Irresponsibility, lack of will and an obstacle were some of the words used by the President of fYROM, Gjorge Ivanov, to describe the position of Greece on the issue of Skopje, in an interview to the TV station Sitel last Wednesday, commenting on the results of the recent NATO summit in Chicago[in May 2012].

“Greece should approach the issue seriously, so that we can arrive at a mutually acceptable solution, or it should respect the Interim Agreement. Not only does it not contribute to advancement, but it worsens the regional situation. It obstructs us, it does not recognise Kosovo, we know the problems it causes to Turkey, we know the issues with Cyprus”, he stated.

He even commented on the internal issues of Greece, such as the acts of the meetings of the Greek political leaders under the President of the Republic, while concerning the possibility that fYROM again goes to the International Court of the Hague, mr Ivanov stated that the legal teem of the country is examining all facets and will do this if it is in the best interests of the country.

“It is very probable that at least the International Court will be informed that in Chicago its verdict was not respected. The insistence of their references to using a veto only expresses the fact that the politicians in Greece cannot find a solution to the issue of the name”, he commented.

He also did not hesitate to comment negatively on the political situation of the country [Greece], saying: “with whom can we arrive at a mutually acceptable solution? The had a transitional government and now they have no government. There is not partner so as to find a solution”.

ND: Skopje Destabilise Security in the Balkans.

Source: Naftemboriki, 01.06.2012 [Translated from Greek]

Panos Panagiotopoulos

The President and the PrimeMinister of fYROM, Gjeorgi Ivanov and Nikola Gruevski both continue to destabilise with their behaviour the security and the stability of the Balkans, claimed the MP for ND Panos Panagiotopoulos.

Commenting on recent declarations of G. Ivanov, the MP of ND noted that fYROM rejects the initiatives of Greece to find a just and viable solution to the open issues that exist between the two countries.

He accused “the regime in Skopje” of intransigence and aggressiveness against Greece and added that mr Ivanov learned nothing from the issue of the Chicago NATO Summit.

Recently the President of fYROM accused Greece of lack of will to solve the name issue. He also claimed that our country [Greece] not only does not contribute to the solution, but worsens the regional situation.

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