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The Naked Prometheus Causes Scandal in Skopje

May 26, 2012

Source: Proto Thema, 26.05.2012 (Translated from Greek)

The adam-esque attire of the statue of Prometheus caused a sensation in Skopje, resulting in its creator to be ordered to cover up the awkward part of the mythological hero.

As part of the Pharaonic plan “Skopje 2014”, that has transformed the capital of the country into an Ancient Greek…Disneyland, the gold-plated statue of Prometheus was placed in the so-called “Park of Heroes of Macedonia”, as part of a monument that is composed of a winged Nike (Victory), at the top of a gold-plated obelisk, behind four horses, all gold-plated.

The sight of the naked Prometheus caused a variety of comments and reactions by women organisations, who complained to the municipal authorities, that took the decision to intervene on the statue, asking that the artist to cover the statue’s genitalia; this was done on Thursday morning. According to local media this complex of  statues cost approximately 1.7 million Euros.

During the last two years the centre of Skopje has been filled with statues that have been directly inspired by Greek historical and cultural heritage, which the nationalist Government of Gruevski is trying to appropriate, in an effort to prove that the Slavic population of the country is directly descended from…Boukephalas!

Apart from the statues of Alexander the Great, Philip and of Olympias, the “antiquization” of the Skopjans leads them to attempt to present as part of their heritage even the 12 gods of Olympus, and even Prometheus.

Disgusting Comments by a Collaborator of Gruevski

Indicative of the plans of our neighbours is a comment made on his Facebook page by the President of the nationalist organisation “World Macedonian Congress”, Todor Petrov, after the latest slap that Skopje received from NATO.

The close collaborator of the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, launched threats against Greece, but also Europe, while he claims that the Greek Nation does not exist and that “fake”Greek history and civilisation are approaching their end. “Macedonua is not Greek, Greece is Macedonian. If Athens does not recognise Macedonia, Greece will not remain intact! If for Greece Macedonians are Slavs, then the only ones in Greece who are not Slaves are those Blacks down there in Athens! The problem in Greece is not Macedonia and the Macedonians, it is that in Greece there are only Greeks! To be a Greek does not mean a nationality, but that you are a Christian! The fake Greek civilisation and history, as well as the Eurocentrism are approaching their end! The world does not begin and end in Brussels and Strasburg! Amen!”, says the close collaborator of the PM.

Todor Petrov
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