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Skopje Stamp Spells ‘Macedonia’ Wrong

May 15, 2012


The Skopje stamp exhibits enormous diplomatic skills. It appears to have given a tricky yet effective solution to the year-lasting “Macedonian” issue. Well, we hoped that it was true, but what is described is actually nothing but a parody.

The FYROM post published a series of stamps depicting the member-states of the EU. The stamp referring to Skopje is an anagram of the word Macedonia, where the letter “e” vanishes. So Skopje is written as “Macdonia.” It could have been a respectable compromise on behalf of the neighboring country, but unfortunately that’s not how it was.

The new stamps depict “Макдонија” (Macdonia) instead of the desired “Македонија” (Macedonia), since no one noticed that the letter “e” was missing. The Skopje post is now receiving strong criticism for its huge, unacceptable mistake.

Skopje media seem to have found the culprit in a post employee of Albanian origin. They imply that his action was deliberate, since – as reported – he consciously made that spelling mistake.

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