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Pero Antic is a ‘Traitor’ for the Skopjans !

May 15, 2012

Source: Proto Thema, 14.05.2012 [Translated from Greek]

Pero Antic

The Skopjans are angry at their compatriot and international player of Olympiakos, Pero Antic! And that because in a video for Euroleague, he declared that his comes from…fYROM.

The leader of the National Basketball Team of Skopje, that conquered 4th place in the Eurobasket of Lithuania last September, fell from national hero to being the target of fierce attacks by the media, blogs and social networks, because he avoided calling his country by its constitutional name.

Many called him outright a traitor, as Antic had been a “national hero” for his compatriots, after the important success in the Eurobasket. He had even been honoured by the President Gjorge Ivanov with the highest medal of the country.

It must be noted that FIBA recognised Skopje as fYROM, and thus de facto the international player of Olympiakos could not have declared that he came from…“Macedonia”.

The comment of the news site was caustic for the critics of Antic. “What he declared caused varied reactions by the “Makedonets” who have the habit of spending their summer vacations in our Southern Neighbour [Greece]” Sports and politics do not mix, and thus it is better for the leader of the National Team, not to be targeted by ill-meaning criticism”.

B.S. Notes

  1. The fact that FIBA recognises the country as fYROM, does not stop individuals referring to it with any other name.
  2. Concerning the comment by, about sports and politics not mixing, it should be remembered that in the Eurobasket of Lithuania, part of the reason that Antic became a “national hero” was his enthusiasm when chanting highly political irredentist songs about conquering Thessalonike. At the time not only did no one criticize this “mix of sports and politics”, but the same songs were taught to children, and he and his equally vocal team-mates – even those who did not speak the language – were greeted as heroes and honoured with the highest state honours – reminding us that the more autocratic the regime, the more nationalist it is, and the more it adopts panem et circenses as its way of functioning.
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