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Nikola Gruevski: ‘Greece is the Only Obstacle to the Country’s NATO Admission’

May 15, 2012

Nikola Gruevski

Prime Minister of FYROM Nikola Gruevski made a public assessment  of FYROM’s steps and actions in regard to the country’s European and international perspective in light of the coming NATO Summit about to take place in Chicago in a few days. The Skopjan PM noted that the only obstacle for his country becoming a NATO member is Greece’s opposition, despite the fact that according to him, Skopje “fulfills every entrance term already since 2008.”

“We have obtained many supporters and friends, who wish to see us soon included in the NATO alliance, but we keep facing problems with the country that hinders our admission and which doesn’t seem willing to change its stance at all, meaning allowing consensus to take place,” the Skopjan Prime Minister pointed out.

“Our consciousness in regard to the NATO admission is clean, as we have done everything within our powers and worked hard to that end. The leadership of the country – the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the President of the Parliament, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense, other government members, MPs and everyone else – within the range of their abilities have done their best and even more towards that direction,” he added.

“We met with NATO officials, politicians, Prime Ministers, Presidents as well as Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense. We have travelled hundreds of thousands of kilometers trying to reach wherever possible,” concluded the frustrated Gruevski.

NATO Secretary General, Danish Anders Fogh Rasmussen, on the other hand, claimed in a recent interview with the “Radio Free Europe” that there cannot be a solution regarding FYROM’s admission in the alliance unless the two countries find a mutually acceptable solution on the name dispute, which seems unlikely to happen anytime soon.

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