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Albanian American Union: The Albanians of Skopje Should Carry American Flags

May 15, 2012

Source: DefenceNet, 15.05.2012

In an interview to the television of Tetovo, the former American Senator and now President of the Albanian American Union, Joseph Dioguardi, stated that for Albanains to become wiser they must study history; how in other words, other peoples that were oppressed arrived at their purpose.

“…and this must be done without violence? The (Muslim) religion is not a problem. The issue is that of human rights and these rights of the Albanians of Skopje are violated every day. These rights, civil, political, economical, are violated by the Skopjan government and by the Albanian party that participates in it.”

“It is my opinion that the government of Skopje was very wise in upsetting the islamist fundamentalists; they managed in a way to incorporate into the demonstrations the Albanians, who are presented as not having any legal, democratic entity as a minority group and without rights in the state of Skopje. We must fight this logic and tell the truth, that the Albanians constitute almost 40 percent or maybe 35 percent  of the population of this country and they must not identify us with hard-core islamists, the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia”, said the President of the Albanian American Union.

He added that is reality the Ohrid Agreement has not been implemented and that the Slavs are trying to chase the Albanians from their territory”. He spoke of a ‘trick’ of the Christians to show that the Albanians are traitors and fundamentalists.

“The Albanians must know that a trick is being used by all the Slavs and Greeks with their Orthodox Churches, to present the Muslims as traitors and fundamentalists who are working against democracy”.

“It is important for the Albanians, who are demonstrating in the streets, to hold, along with the National Flags, to also hold the United States flag, so as to show that they are not fundamentalists, as the Albanians of Kosovo did, who shouted slogans in favour of the US. That will show that the Albanians of Skopje are not Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia wo destroyed the twin tower (of New York). The must also be no violence. Remember that Martin Luther King won the electoral rights of African-Americans in 1955 using arguments and not violence.

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