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Merkel: Without Greece there cannot be a Solution

May 11, 2012

Source: 24wro, 11.05.2012

A solution to the issue of the name of fYROM is not possible without Greece declared the German chancellor Angela Merkel, in an interview to the Slavic programme of Deutsche Welle after her meeting with the Slovene PM, Janez Janša.

Mrs Merkel noted that she has repeatedly discussed the issue with both sides separetly and underlined that Germany wants to help.

Mr Janša for his part, talking to Deutsche Welle, stated that his country supports the Euro-Atlantic future of all Balkan countries and underlined that his will be sorry if Skopje do not manage to enter the Alliance in the upcoming Summit. He also added that fYROM  has been awaiting its accession to the E.U. since 2005, while in the Bucharest Summit it had received the promise that it would enter in the next Summit.

“Putting this off influences the internal political situation. It is in the common interest that a solution be found, and we expect both sides to be flexible”, he stated, although he clarified that he himself is not in a position to help with the name issue.

The German Chansellor, answering a question concerning whether Greece can; at this time, be preoccupied with this issue, declared: “I believe that a solution of the problem of the name without Greece cannot exist! This means that the two sides must hold talks again and again. Germany wants to help. Until now, unfortunately, there has not been an agreement. We want a solution”.

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