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Georgievski: Time is Running Out for fYROM

May 10, 2012

“Time is running out for “Macedonia”; We will remain outside the EU with other unstable countries such as Bosnia – Herzegovina and Kosovo”.

Edited by Stelios Kandias, Skai, 10.05.2012


Ljupco Georgievski

The former Prime Minister of fYROM Ljubčo Georgievski appears worried about the latest events in the country, because of interethnic clashes between Skopjans and Albanians that started with the murder of five Skopjans on the 12 April.

Speaking on Thursday [10.05.2012] at a Bulgarian Univesity in Sofia, the former PM of Skopje warned the current leadership of fYROM that time is running out for a resolution of the name issue with Greece.

Georgievski warned that unless Skopje soon enter the E.U. and North-Atlatic Alliance, then the Albanian minority will demand a new legal formula concerning its rights.

“If ‘Macedonia’ does not accede to NATO and the E.U. soon, then the Peace Agreement pf Ohrid (signed on the 13th August 2001), which regulates the coexistence of the ethnic minorities in ‘Macedonia’, will stop functioning within five years, and the Albanian parties will demand a new formula”, stated Georgievski on Thursday.

“Time is running out for ‘Macedonia’; we will remain (outside the E.U.) with unstable countries such as Bosnia – Herzegovina and Kosovo”, he insisted.

It must be noted that in demonstrations of the Albanian minority in Skopje, many Albanians appeared wearing symbols of the UCK, the Liberation Army of Kosovo, that achieved autonomy for that province of Serbia.

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    I hope the Turks burn down Athens and I’ll be there helping them out

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