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The Socialists Will Take Down Alexander the Great in Skopje

May 8, 2012

Source:, 08.05.2012

“Fires” where started in Skopje by the declarations of the General Secretary of the main opposition party SDSM, Andrei Petrov, that is the socialists win the next elections, they will take down the statues and the monuments related to Alexander the Great, and they will also re-rename the airport and the main highway of the country, that currently bear the name of the Macedonian king.

Petrov’s declarations, during an interview to the journal Vest, caused reactions both from the governing party VMRO DPMNE, but also from the hard-line nationalist organisations, who accused him directly of being a traitor.

VMRO DPMNE accused the opposition SDSM for “flirting with neighbouring countries”, obviously meaning Greece, stating that the monument are part of …the county’s history.

The S.G. of SDSM, Andrei Petrov, stated that all the necessary steps will be taken in order to secure a dignified life for all”.

Poverty and unemployment, that has reached 32%, have reached great heights in fYROM, while the Gruevski government borrows from abroad so as to complete the pharaonic “Skopje 2014” plan, that is turning the capital city into an immense Disneyland, all with a view to “ancientmacedonise” the country.

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