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Is a guerrilla war being prepared in Skopje [fYROM]?

May 6, 2012

Dzezair Sakiri – Џезаир Шаќири

Source: Articles & Thoughts. Balkan Periscope, 06.05.2012

The former leader of the so-called “Liberation Army of Kosovo” – UCK, Dzezair Sakiri – Џезаир Шаќири, known as the HotzaХоџа, announced that this illegal formation will be re-activated because “only the members of the UCK, with the experience that they have from the war of Kosovo, in Skopje and in southern Serbia, are able to resist against the Skopjan and Serbian secret services”.

“Recently I had a meeting with the former commanders of UCK and in this meeting the possibility of activating the military groups so that they commence a guerrilla war for the protection of the Albanian population in the region of Skopje and the Valley of Presevo and in other regions where Albanians are in danger and are threatened with ethnic cleaning”, declared the Hotza to the electronic journal “Tribuna” as republished by the Serbian “Vesti OnLine”.

“How will all these be concentrated? Up to this moment I do not know, but we are working in this direction”, said Sakiri.

The declarations of the former head of UCK, combined with the information that Albanian extremists are gathering in the areas of Tetovo and along the line of the frontier between Skopje [fYROM] and Kosovo, and in the region of the frontiers with southern Serbia, in the region of the valley of Presevo, are of great import for the developments in the region.


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