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Skopja: Replacing the Names of Streets with Ancient Greek Names!

May 2, 2012

Source: Panagiotis Savvidis, Proto Thema, 02.05.2012


Macedonia Street, Macedonians Street, Alexander the Great, Philip, Amyntas, Perdikkas, Ptolemy, Cleopatra, Aegean, Macedonian Phalanx, Cyril And Methodius, Thessalonike, Serres, Drama, Kastoria are just some of the new names of streets of the city of Skopje that the local municipal authority is putting forward for approval by the Ministry of the Interior.

In the framework of “antiquisation and macedonisation” that the Gruevski government is pushing in a methodical manner, all the old street names, that had been used for decades are being replaced by personalities of ancient Greek history, whom the Skopjans consider to be their… “ancestors”, as well as place-names of Northern Greece, which in schoool books of fYROM is called “Aegean Macedonia” and “occupied” by Greece.

The renaming of almost 300 streets of Skopje has already caused reactionsfrom the representatives of the Albanians of the country, who note that this may negatively influence the relations between the ethnicities of the country which are already strained, because of the arresting of fanatical Islamists, considered to be related to the brutal murder of five Skopjans on the eve of Easter.

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