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Police find perpetrators of grisly murders in Smilkovci village

May 1, 2012

Source: MIA, 01.05.2012

Macedonian Ministry of Interior has found the murderers of the five persons near a lake in the Skopje village of Smilkovci. Twenty persons from Skopje, followers of Radical Islam have been arrested, majority of them are Macedonian citizens.

Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska said Tuesday that the Ministry of Interior will file criminal charges of terrorism against them.

Based on material evidence from the Ministry of Interior they claim that they are the perpetrators of grisly murders of five innocent persons. Some of the arrested persons are directly involved in the murders near Smilkovci village, Jankuloska said and there are persons for whom there are no data that they were on the crime site.

Large quantity of weapons were discovered in the police raid of 26 facilities on the territory of the city of Skopje, in the police action “monster” in which 800 members of police, Security and Counterintelligence Bureau and Bureau for Public Security participated. Also literature was found which points out to ideological affiliation of these persons and other items, which could be used or were used in conducting crime. It is now investigated whether weapons are used in the murders of five persons.

Jankuloska said that main motive most probably was their idea of killing in the Radical Islam and the goal was to create feeling of fear in wider public.

– The motive is their idea, belief and following the Radical Islam, which is dangerous for believers of Christianity, Muslim religion, Jankuloska said adding that some of the arrested persons fought in Afghanistan and Pakistan against NATO troops.

She said that when it comes to terrorism the victims are not always directly connected with the perpetrators or with the motive due to which the criminal act is committed.

– We have suspected that in this case it is about murder where victims are not directly connected with any of the perpetrators however the intention of the criminal act was to create feeling of insecurity and fear in wider population, Jankuloska said.

Asked by the journalists to give assessment on security situation in Macedonia and whether the country is facing with danger of Radical Islam and other possible terrorist attacks, Jankuloska reminded that Macedonia is part of the global coalition for peace and by number of citizens making it fifth according to participation of ARM peacekeepers in mission in Afghanistan.

– And by this the Republic of Macedonia is on the side of the countries that can be potential target of Radical Islamists. We are not underestimating the situation in not a single moment and we are not excluding possibility of Radical movement of individuals or groups. Members of police, Security and Counterintelligence Bureau and Bureau for Public Security are closely monitoring the situation, we act preventively and repressively because nothing should change the way we live, in peace and coexistence of all citizens in Macedonia, Jankuloska said, adding that situation is closely monitored, there are no serious changes however this should not leave us relaxed because it is obvious that followers of Radical Islam are prepared to most gruesome criminal acts and murderers, as it was the one in Smilkovci village.

Regarding the question whether this group is behind some larger terrorist group or acted according to someone’s order, Jankuloska said that additional information will be presented in the following period.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski was informed about the police action “monster” who visited today the Ministry of Interior.

Jankuloska thanked all citizens who gave useful information, especially all policemen who worked constantly and to media that reported correctly in connection to the event.

On April 13, Filip Slavkovski, Aleksandar Nakevski, Cvetanco Acevski and Kire Trickovski, namely in their late teens and twenties, as well as Borce Stefkovski – who was a 45-year-old man, were brutally murdered on the shore near the village of Smilkovci. They were killed by automatic weapons at close range.

One day later police confirmed that “Opel Omega” vehicle found 10km from the murder site was used in the crime near Skopje village of Smilkovci

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