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Skopje: All EyesTurned to the Greek Elections

April 25, 2012

By Panagiotis Savvidis, Proto Thema, 25.04.2012

The regard of Skopje is on Greece and on its upcoming elections in May, as they await with special interest the next “inhabitant” of the Maximou Megaron [the official residence of the PM] and his intentions concerning the negotiations for the resolution of the issue of the name, which has been allowed to stagnate. The Media of the neighbouring country underline that two weeks after the elections, the new PM will be present at the NATO summit in Chicago, of which Skopje desire to become a member and for this reason the Gruevski government has lately been looking for allies abroad.

Antonis Samaras, because of his position on the name issue at the beginning of the ‘90ies and up to now is a “red cloth” for the Skopjans, who ask themselves if the man that might be Prtime Minister of Greece tomorrow, will retain his hard line, that the term “Macedonia” is not included in the name, or whether he will follow the Karamanlis and Papandreou governments, which accepted a composite name for all uses (erga omnes), which is now the official “red line” of our country.

In Skopje the consider as the ideal scenario a possible coalition government of N.D. and PA.SO.K., so that there is no further hardening of the Greek position with an initiative of Samaras, who, as the media remind their audience, in the past flirted with the idea of dissolution of the small state, either by its being absorbed by Serbia of Milosevic, or because of the Albanian minority, that in a few decades will be a majority in fYROM.

Nowadays references to LA.O.S. of Georgios Karatzaferis are rare, although until recently he came under fire from the media of Skopje for his position on the name issue, insisting that it must not contain the term ‘Macedonia’, as opinions polls predict that he will not gain any positions in the new Assembly. Some references are made to the demand put forward by Karatzaferis that any solution on the issue of the name must be put before the judgement of the Greek people through a referendum.

The comments and references to the far-right party of “Chrusi Avgi” are especially negative, as it is called “neo-nazi”, and it is underlined that in the past members of this party have attacked the “Makedonets” activists, as they call the pro-Skopje members of the “Rainbow [Vinozito]” party, in Athens, Florina and elsewhere.

“I believe that the policy of the next government will not really change, whichever it is, concerning the name issue. The “red lines” in Greece are defined, and thus there is no issue as to which would be the ideal Greek government for the Gruevski goernment”, declared to Proto Thema the correspondent of KANAL 5 in Athens, Sanja Ristovska.

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