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Gruevski is deforming the Truth

April 22, 2012

By Dora Antoniou, Kathierini, 20.04.2012


The game of attributing responsibilities to Athens has once more been activated by the Prime Minister of fYROM, Nikola Gruevski, as the messages that are arriving at Skopje, in preparation for the NATO summit next month in Chicago are not encouraging for they effort to advance to the entry of their country into the alliance. Mr Gruevski, talking to the National Assembly of fYROM, mentioned that for over a year there has been no contact with the Greek government, with the exception of the meeting that he had with the Prime Minister Loukas Papadimos. The meetings between Ministers of the two countries obviously for him do not count as a contact between the two sides. Just yesterday, the Foreign Affairs Minister Stavros Dimas met in Brussels, in the margin of the Ministerial Summit of NATO, with his counterpart from fYROM, Nikola Poposki. Mr Gruevski repeated his position that Athens is not really interested in resolving the issue of the name, declaring that his government is ready to sit at the table so as to find a solution.


Diplomatic sources estimate that in the immediate future the government of Skopje will reinforce its rhetoric in this direction, as its strategy is to try and bypass the decision of Bucharest and achieve entry to NATO without resolving the issue of the name does not seem to be working. In the previous period Skopje attempted, by putting forward the decision of the International Tribunal in the Hague, to put pressure on, so that in the upcoming Summit of the Alliance in Chicago they receive an invitation for entry. However, as the same sources mention, the atmosphere in the ministerial summit in Brussels the day before yesterday, was not positive for Skopje. Athens does not exclude, however, that in Chicago the question be posed by some of the countries that appear to by close to the positions of fYROM, such as Turkey, Slovenia, Great Britain or Canada. The Greek side has received confirmation that, even if the issue is proposed for discussion, the demand will find no support.

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