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Alexandros Mallias interview to Utrinski Vesnik (06.04.2012)

April 20, 2012

Source: Utrinski Vesnik (06.04.2012)

Summary: ELIAMEP, 07.04.2012 (translated fro Greek)


A first-page article-report from Athens of the newspaper Utrinski Vesnik (7-8.04.2012), bearing the title “Reactions from Athens/Papandreou met with Gruevski much more than with Merkel and Sarkozy”, highlights declarations of the first Greek Ambassador to fYROM, Alexandros Mallias concerning what is likely to happen at the NATO summit in Chicago.


According to mr Mallias, in Chicago that which was omitted during the 11 meetings of the Prime Minister of fYROM with the then Greek Prime Minister, G. Papandreou cannot be amended. According to him, mr Gruevski last precious time in the bilateral meetings, thus facilitating those in Greece who possibly would not agree with a final solution.


Mr Mallias estimated that Greece, before the upcoming summit in Chicago, is in a more favourable position compared to before the Summit of the Alliance in Bucharest, as since 2008 the common position of the member states of NATO has been solidified. The unanimity that was achieved in Bucharest, according to mr Mallias, gives Greece the possibility not to worry about the upcoming NATO summit concerning the issue of the entry of fYROM.


Mr Mallias does not believe the scenarii about the extension of an invitation to fYROM under the condition that the name issue be resolved in phases, because the decision that was taken in Bucharest is clear.


Concerning the worries that were expressed to Greek media concerning the possibility that Slovenia, Turkey or even Great Britain ask that the issue of the entry of fYROM to NATO be discussed in the Summit of Chicago, mr Mallias considers that this issue does not worry Greece, as the country has no doubts for the final outcome of the Summit. Mr Mallias, concludes the article, who had also declared that the verdict of the ICJ would not be in Greece’s favour, also publicly underlined that it would be a grave error if Athens underestimates the verdict of the ICJ and if Skopje overestimates it.

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