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«War» between Sofia and Skopje over the Relic of Saint John

April 19, 2012

The secret services of FYROM are being accused by the director of the Institute of National History of Bulgaria, Bozidar Dimitrov, for stealing part of the relic of Saint John the Baptist, from a church of the twon of Sliven, in the east of the country.

As he declared to Bulgarian media, Bozidar Dimitrov, who in the past had been Minister for the Bulgarian Diaspora, claimed that the relic was taken by agents of the secret services of FYROM, in the framework of the propaganda of the Gruevski government.

“FYROM claims that Jesus Christ was a Macedonia. Thus John the Baptist, who was the cousin of Christ, must also be a Macedonian. The whole issue is that they do a DNA test to “prove” the connection of Christ with the “Macedonian nation”, declared Bozidar Dimitrov.

The remains of Saint John the Baptist had been discovered two years ago in excavations on the coast of the Black Sea.

The theft of part of the relic had taken place on the 2nd April, in the cathedral of Saint Demetrius of the town of Sliven, where the relics were being exposed for public worship.

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