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Gruevski: Name solution through compromise, not dictate

April 19, 2012

Source: MIA, 19.04.2012

We want a solution to the name issue, but one reached through compromise, not dictate that would result in changing of the identity or something built, respected and nurtured for centuries. We want a solution that would be acceptable for the majority of Macedonia’s citizens at a referendum, said Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski at Thursday’s Q&A Parliament session.

According to him, with the exception of the meeting with the Greek PM on March 1, the Government cannot establish normal communication with Greece for almost a year as a result of certain problems they are faced with, which most probably serve as alibi.

“How can one talk and reach a solution with someone you have no communication with? A state position is built when there are talks, a specific solution offered by one, which could be debated in the Parliament”, said Gruevski.

He added there is an electoral campaign in Greece, whereas interlocutors over the issue cannot be found until its completion.

“Afterwards, if the other party demonstrates will and interest, we are ready to sit on the table and find a solution, but not a one-sided dictate that would humiliate the entire nation and one that solves one issue, but opens another for which centuries and lives have been lost in Macedonia”, said PM Gruevski.

He emphasized the Government is doing everything in its power to reach a solution that would unblock the country and enable its NATO and EU entry.

“We want a solution that would bring our relations with the southern neighbor back to normal, but at the same time we are cautious with regards to the name solution, which would not harm our national and state interests”, underlined PM Nikola Gruevski.

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