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AÇTOSH: Ultimatum to Kosovo, FYROM and Greece!

April 18, 2012

Source: Balkaniko Periskopio, 17.04.2012



The “Army for the Liberation of the Albanian Occupied Territories – AÇTOSH, that was created in Kosovska Mitrovica, in an emergency congress that its high command carried out, drew up an ultimatum that it distributed to the media, and specifically the Albanian News Agency “”. In it they declare that the group is well organised and well armed.

Ultimata to Kosovo, FYROM and Greece

 This organisation – according to the article – sent an ultimatum of just two weeks to the government of Kosovo to re-establish is authority in Mitrovica; in the opposite case it will intervene to destroy the parallel Serbian structures.

A deadline of two weeks was also given to the government of FYROM to withdraw from the Albanian territories that it occupies. In the opposite case there will be attacks against the police and military structures of the state.

Furthermore the organisation warned the Greek government “not to play with the future of the Tsams, because otherwise it will be attacked by us”.

The Ultimatum

 In the ultimatum it is nted that “in certain parts of the occupied Albanian territories, terrorist acts take place aimed at the indigenous Albanian population and many Albanians lost their lives by terrorist acts. The Albanian politicians choose to remain silent and to ignore the presence of these acts”.

The situation in Greece

Another point mentioned in the ultimatum – according to the Albanian article – is the situation concerning Greece.

“Greek chauvinists menace the Republic of Albania and this phenomenon is becoming more serious. They forget that they are colonists on Albanian lands that are occupied by Greece.

We located the publication of our last announcement, of January 2011 in the Greek Press, which screamed about our military structures and supposedly Interpol started to investigate.

We declare that we are not afraid of anyone and that we will continue to work for the liberation and reunification of Albania!

On the contrary we know that with our previous announcement we caused a panic, because we have decided that day become night and night become hell”.

And the ultimatum ends by noting that

“We will no longer remain silent, we will react to fire with fire, we will not relinquish the rights of our brothers, an eye for and eye, a blow for a blow. Long enough have we remained silent. For over a decade the Albanians have kept the peace in the Balkans, sacrificing their freedom. Soon this will change.”



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