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Tens of People Arrested During Yesterdays Demonstrations in Skopje

April 17, 2012

Source: Kathimerini, 17.04.2012 (translated from Greek)

Because of the murder of five people in a region near Skopje.


A demonstrator detained by police in Skopje.

FYROM police arrested 10 persons, of which five under-aged, for the incidents of yesterday in the centre of Skopje.

The incidents happened during demonstrations for the murder of five people that happened on the evening of Good Thursday, near an artificial lake close to Skopje.

Police announced that about 1000 people participated in yesterdays demonstrations , some of which caused the incidents in the centre of the town.

According to the police, the demonstrators that caused the incidents broke 3-4 windows of a government building, destroyed some bill-boards and caused damage to a police vehicle.

The demonstrations had been announced on online social networks and, as the police mentioned, had not been declared to the authorities. During the incidents two police officers were lightly wounded.

The murder of the five people has caused a lot of worries to the society of FYROM, as it caused rumours that the tragic incident had interethnic causes.

The authorities of FYROM have issued repeated calls that such hypotheses concerning the crime should not be propagated, as they may hare the interethnic relations in the country.

The victims of the quintuple murder were all of Slavomacedonian origin.

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