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Macedonia: Skopje liberated by Albanian volunteers, said Albanian parliament speaker

April 9, 2012

Source: FOCUS News Agency, 06.04.2012


Albania’s Parliament Speaker Jozefina Topalli, who was on a visit to Macedonia, said that Skopje was liberated from the Ottoman occupation for the first time by Albanian insurgent Dervish Cara in 1844, Macedonian Kanal5 TV reports.
Speaking at the Macedonian parliament Topalli said that Cara entered into Skopje with 10,000 rebels.
“It happened right here, in February 1844. 10,000 rebels, headed by Dervish Cara, liberated Skopje and filed a request for autonomy. Skopje, Bitola and Debar then became centres of the Albanian liberation movement. The Albanian patriotic movement developed in parallel to the Macedonian Ilinden–Preobrazhenie Uprising,” Topalli remarked.
The Macedonian Institute of National History commented that Topalli’s words were politics and not science.
“The rebels were not 10,000, neither have they liberated Skopje, nor have they asked for autonomy. These statements are not mentioned in any of the Turkish documents,” a historian commented.
In his words, Capa was a Turkish deputy in Gostivar, who opposed the mobilisation of the Muslims in the Ottoman army.

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