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Macedonia Police Grill Boskoski Over Unsolved Murder

April 6, 2012

Police have questioned the jailed former police minister over the killing of Marjan Tusevski, who was shot dead by unidentified hitmen 11 years ago in Skopje.

Sase Dimovski


Ljube Boskoski

Police inspectors have visited ex-minister Ljube Boskoski in the “Idrizovo” prison near Skopje seeking information on the murder of Marjan Tusevski, a man associated with Skopje’s criminal underground, 11 years ago.

According to Balkan Insight sources, police suspect the ex-minister Ljube of involvement in the murder, since, 15 minutes before it took place, he was in the cafeteria where it happened.

Police Minister Gordana Jankulovska confirmed that inspectors questioned Boskoski in the prison on Tuesday but didn’t reveal details.

“All I can confirm is that the police spoke with Boskoski. Other details cannot be made public,” she said.

“I was called by the police because Ljube Boskoski asked for an attorney. I was present there, but I cannot disclose any details until he is formally charged. This is just a police questioning,” lawyer Donce Nakov told Balkan Insight.

Marjan Tusevski and his friend were shot dead by two professional killers, who later entered a vehicle and left town.

The next day, according to the testimonies collected during the investigation, the men crossed the border into Serbia. One of the men was reportedly transferred to the other side of the border by a policeman in a Rover.

The guns used in the shooting were later recovered, after which it was confirmed that four shots were fired from them. After this, the investigation was given the codename “Rover”.

Boskoski, who still leads the opposition party United for Macedonia, is serving a seven-year prison sentence for obtaining illegal financial support for his political campaign.

Boskoski, who also has Croatian citizenship, is also being prosecuted in Pula, Croatia, for the killing of Pakistani migrants that took place in Macedonia when he was interior minister. The trial in the Pula court will take place in October and November.

His family claims that Boskoski has been psychologically abused in the prison, and on Monday he was transferred to another section.

“We are constantly receiving messages from the police saying that Boskoski is going to be found guilty for the murder of Marjan Tusevski,” one family member complained.

“We have information that Boskoski has been psychologically abused in the prison, and that the judge was also under pressure to close the case without Boskoski coming to Croatia,” the same relative added.

Boskoski was prosecuted by the Hague tribunal for breaking international humanitarian law in the 2001 conflict in Macedonia, but after four years in detention he was acquitted. During the election campaign of 2011, he was the primary critic of the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski’s party.

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