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A Lot of Behind-The-Scenes Activity of the Skopjans for Entry to NATO

April 6, 2012

By Macedon,, 06.04.2012 (translated from the Greek and annotated by Balkan Story).

During the month of May the NATO summit in Chicago will be held, and the skopjan leadership is carrying out a multitude of actions, so as to receive an entry invitation by the Euroatlantic Organisation. The situation is not in its favour, as it is almost impossible to overcome two important obstacles.

The Secretary General of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen

The first is the already expressed decision of NATO that the issue of entry of new members shall not be broached at this summit. Nor has there been any preparation for such a possibility. The second obstacle is also insurmountable, and was commented on in the Slavic programme of the “Voice of America”, which transmitted the declarations of the Secretary General of NATO, mr Rasmussen:

“In order to give Skopje an invitation for entry, it is necessary that Greece gives its accord. This is how things stand. I understand that Greece is not prepared to agree to an invitation until a mutually acceptable solution to the issue of the name is found. That is the decision we took in Bucharest in 2008 and that decision is still valid”, stated mr Rasmussen.

Former FYROM FM, Antonio Milososki

To these facts Skopje answers in a spasmodic manner. To begin with, with the blackmailing letter that was pronounced by the former Foreign Affairs Minister, mr Milososki, and which has been embraced by many of the governmental camp in Skopje. He declared tat “the forces of the country should be withdrawn from Afghanistan, because the Alliance does not respect International law”. And of course, the feeling of the Skopjan pro-government politician, that the might of NATO in Afghanistan is dependant on Skopjan participation, does not stand up to any serious criticism.

Another extreme reaction is the announced intention of Skopje to organise an official demonstration against NATO and Greece, two days before the Summit in Chicago, so they can show how important their country is.

These movements show anger and will probably have a negative impact rather than a positive outcome for them. However they have also mobilised countries and personalities who have a hostile disposition toward Greece, to speak out in the favour of Skopje. Turkey and Slovenia, two permanent accusers of our country in all international fora, do not miss a chance to speak in favour of the skopjan demand.

In a working lunch given by the Skopjan President mr Ivanov to the heads of he diplomatic missions of the countries of the Western Balkans that participated in the Summit, the ambassador of Slovenia, mr Alan Bergant stated: “Our position is crystal clear. We wish for Chicago Summit to extend a membership invitation to Macedonia under the interim reference… We wish for Macedonia to be put on the agenda and all countries to hear the new moments – The Hague-based (ICJ) ruling and launching of the high-level accession dialogue.”

Apart from this the Slavic Associations of the Diaspora have also been mobilised and with the aid of the Turkish Lobby in Washington collected 54 signatures of Members of the American Congress, who in a letter to the President mr Obama, ask him to secura that NATO, in the Chicago Summit, on the 20th and 21st May 2012, will “finally award the official invitation to FYROM for entry into the alliance”.  They believe that if they sign the petition as FYROM, the Greeks will not be able to object. However there are also the articles concerning good neighbourship and irredentism in the Interim Agreement, which I believe that those close to and those passing through the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs will use this time, because in the Hague Tribunal the seem to have “forgotten” them.

The Greek FM, Stavros Dimas

The 54 members of the House of Representatives remind the American President of what he had said in the Summit in Kiel/Strasbourg in 2009, that he “happily awaits the day when the USA will welcome Macedonia into the Alliance” and that “the doors of NATO will remain open for new members that will achieve its standards and which can  meaningfully contribute to the security of the allies”.

Their main argument is: “If the Alliance can trust the Macedonian soldiers for the security of the NATO tent in Afghanistan, then they must be invited into that tent”. Mr Dimas, if he does not want to be left without a political legacy for the member of his family that will enter the political scene in his stead (mr Samaras had mentioned something about nepotism…) let him prepare the Greek answer.


B.S. Comments:

  1. Mr Dimas is the current Greek Foreign Affairs Minister. He has declared that his son will be up for election in the next general vote with the party of mr Samaras (N.D.), while he will retire from political life. The Greek elections are currently vaguely set for the month of May.
  2. To the actions enumerated above one could add the use of lobbying firms, citing the example of the article published recently in The Hill by Sally Painter, COO of the Lobbyist firm Blue Star Strategies.
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