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Milososki: Macedonia should Withdraw Troops from Afghanistan

April 5, 2012
Source: MINA, 12.03.2012
This was announced today by Antonio Milososki, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and current President of the Commission for Foreign Affairs.

The ‘military presence’ in Afghanistan must be brought down and minimalized to experts who would provide training to Afghani soldiers and not full military force who engages the enemy which is the current format, says Milososki.


The former foreign minister is not alone and his sentiment is shared by many, especialy after NATO recently announced it will not respect the judgment by the ICJ.


Political expert Jovan Donev for years has been asking the Macedonian Government to withdraw its soldiers from Afgahnistan.


“It’s highly likely Macedonia will stay out of NATO after the May summit, therefore I see absolutely no reason for us to continue our participation in this organization at a time even when NATO members refuse to participate in peacekeeping or war operations. When NATO decides there is no reason for them to respect international law and the Court they themselves established in terms of the ICJ ruling, what is Macedonia doing with NATO? We must immediately bring our troops home” says Donev.

Donev isn’t alone. Numerous University proffessors lead by Prof. Venkovska have asked the Government to bring the troops home and have voiced their stance that Macedonia should be ashamed for taking a part in an illegal and immoral war waged by NATO both in Iraq and Afghanistan where hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed. Prof. Venkovska has also stated multiple war crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed by the Western military Alliance.
The Macedonian President Gjorgje Ivanov few months ago stated the country will remain in Afghanistan supporting the NATO effort and transitional process until Afghanistan is able to stand on its two feet, adding as long as the process and transition is in agreement with Macedonia’s interests.


Macedonia has been participating in NATO since 2002, and has so far rotated 2,500 soldiers. Currently there are 168 Mak soldiers in Afghanistan.


NATO’s presence in the far east Asian country has turned into a nightmare, particularly after multiple drone attacks went wrong and yesterdays horrific killings when US soldier massacred 16 civilians.


NATO’s involvement in Afghanistan not just that has not improved the situation for civilians and the country, rather has complicated it and made it more dangerous.


According to insiders, Macedonia could abruptly end its NATO engagement after the upcoming Summit.

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