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World’s Richest Man Visits Ohrid, Macedonia

April 3, 2012

Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire with a fortune estimated to be worth $69 billion, was the main star of the fifth global conference on broadband internet in Ohrid.

By Miki Trajkovski, Balkan Insight, 03.04.2012


Carlos Slim in Ohrid

On Monday, Slim drank Macedonian wine and tried Ohrid’s famous cake. But he got to see Lake Ohrid only from his hotel balcony, as his scheduled stroll through the scenic town was canceled.

Slim’s arrival was a hot subject of discussion among Ohrid locals for days before he came. They believe his visit will strengthen their town’s tourist appeal around the world. Ohrid is by far Macedonia’s biggest tourist destination.

Slim was in Ohrid as co-chair of the Commission for Digital Development, a joint initiative on the International Telecommunication Union and the UN’s culture wing UNESCO to promote high-speed, high-capacity broadband connections.

Although high-speed internet is a global trend “there are still countries where limited access to broadband internet represents an open obstacle for their development,” Slim told the meeting.

Ohrid hosted other important guests at the conference, starting with the other co-chair of the Conference, Rwanda’s President, Paul Kagame, and the chairs of many of the world’s largest IT companies, such as Intel, Ericsson, Telefonica, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent and Huawei Technologies.

Participants discussed how broadband can help the poor and underprivileged in the world, and its impact on the environment as well as on the global economy.

Macedonian leader Nikola Gruevski said his government had worked hard to develop communications in the Balkan country.

“While only 1 per cent of Macedonian households used broadband internet in 2006, the percentage had risen to 46.35 by the end of 2011,” Gruevski said.

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  1. Wonderful thing – everyone should have internet – as should Malawi – where people should learn what is being done around the world to cure Aids, deliver Clean Water and eliminate Hunger – !

  2. Internet should not be used to propagate lies, falsehood, rewriting of history which isn’t even their own – It is nauseating to read things that the entire World is aware of for 4,000 years of History be be slandered on a whim… Katapolasmos; cataplasm – to mold —… — Katadesmos; these two words speak volumes…

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