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Advice from a Skopjan “Fox”

April 3, 2012

Source: To Pontiki, 29.03.2012 [Translation of a portion of the original Greek article]


Meto Koloski

Curious things are happening in the “haggling” over the tender procedures for the use of the well of “South Kavala”, that is part of the abbitious programme of privatisations that had been announced under the govrnment of Papandreou and Papakonstantinou.

To be more precice, a Skopjan… “fox” is involved, a NGO, bearing the name United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD), having at its head Meto Kolovski; this NGO may be unknown to many, but is well known to those who have been following the “Macedonian issue” since many years, especially those that have taken an interest in it since 2004, when this NGO was founded.

What is a special interest is that Koloski has not only played a leading role in many activities of Slavomacedonian irredentists in the USA, but what is more, his organisation has been urging Bulgaria and Greece to recognise the existence of a “Macedonian minority” within their borders.

As becomes obvious from his CV, the presedent of the United Macedonian Diaspora, Meto Koloski, also works as a “specialist on government issues” (…) with DLA Piper.

If you do not jnow this company either, it is a legal entity that has the position of special advisor on issues “of Internationa Law” in the procedure of privatisation of the underwater part of the natural gas reserve “South Kavala”.

To our questions concerning the choice of this legal office and concerning its relation with the “Macedonian” lobbyist, the answer was limited to two words: “No comment”.

To the logical question why, apart from the well known (and Greek) legal office “Karatzas”, a company having opaque and complicated (at least as far as the National Questions are concerned) relations was chosen as an advisor, while at the same time interest had been expressed by a number of well known foreign legal specialists. Of course the Skopjan lobbyist is not the only problem that the affair of “South Kavala” has. There are more.

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