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Venizelos: Chicago Summit Creates Pressure for Greek Elections

March 27, 2012

Source: Ta Nea, 26.03.2012

[Portions translated from the Greek Original]

Evangelos Venizelos

The central dilemma is how the country will be governed and not the form of the government, stated the President of PA.SO.K. Evangelos Venizelos, during the four-hour session of the Political Council of the party, that was held under his presidency.

Concerning the date of the elections, mr Venizelos mentioned that on the 20th May the NATO Summit in Chicago, USA, is going to take place, and on the agenda of that summit the issue of FYROM is included.

“This puts us under a certain ‘pressure’, that makes us consider the date of the elections”, the president of PA.SO.K. it said to have stated.


Dnevnik, Macedonia: Greek socialists want elections postponement due to NATO summit


Greek socialists asked for postponement of the early parliamentary elections due to the NATO summit in Chicago, where Macedonia’s accession in the Alliance will be present in meeting’s agenda, writes Macedonian Dnevnik daily.
PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos said that the elections should be held in June instead of May, because they should not be organised in times of pressure ahead of the Chicago summit.
Dnevnik comments that the question is whether Venizelos takes advantage of the name issue to ‘buy some time’ with regard to the fact that his party has lower rating than the New Democracy party.

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