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OSCE Asks for Improvement of Interethnic Relations in FYROM

March 27, 2012

Source: Ta Nea, 26.03.2012 & To Vima, 26.03.2012

[Translated from Greek Original]

Knut Vollebaek

In a divided society, as is that of FYROM, a spark is enough to create a fire, mentioned the Commissioner for Minority Issues of OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe), Knut Vollebaek.

In an interview to the radio station “Free Europe” (Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe), mr Vollebaek noted that the recent incidents in FYROM, which had in a great percentage an interethnic basis, show that the relations between the ethnicities in the country are going from bad to worse.

Mr Vollebaek called on the government of FYROM to work in a meaningful and efficient way in the direction of the amelioration of the interethnic relations in the country “before it is too late”.

The Commissioner of OSCE also noted that the government of FYROM must ask itself if the necessary conditions and opportunities have been created in the country for the various ethnicities to communicate and live together in harmony.

“I hope that the government considers the interethnic relations to be an important issue. But I am not sure that the energy they put into the matter is serious or sufficient”, added mr Vollebaek and he sent a plea to all the political players of FYROM to face matters that concern interethnic relations with a sense of responsibility.

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