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Albanians are creating the “Republic of Illyrida” in the State of FYROM

March 27, 2012


[Translated from Greek Original]

Nevzat Halili

News concerning the division at all costs between the two ethnicities of the statelet of Skopje keep arriving. Now the Albanians of Tetovo want to become an independent state. Yesterday in Tirana, the President of the self named “Republic of Illyrida”, Nevzat Halili and Salman Väki, Prime Minister of the imaginary “republic” on the one hand and the MP Taulad Venko Cala of the “Union of Patriot Citizens” on the other, signed o document supporting the idea to create a new independent Albanian state called the “Republic of Illyrida”, within the geographical region of FYROM, as is stated by the Albanian news portal of Tetovo.

In the agreement that was signed a provision is made for the future unification of the Albanian lands, with which the “Republic of Illyrida” will be annexed by Albania. In the agreement four points are mentioned that have as a main target the “reunification of Albanian lands”.

It will be very difficult for the Skopjans to survive diplomatically in the immediate future. We also note that in a recent poll, the Albanian-speakers for the most part put their trust in the Americans, while the Slavic-speakers prefer the Germans. Could it be that the latest incidents are linked to this clash of giants? Or, as goes the popular saying, “when the buffalos fight, the frogs suffer”. The question is how we [B.S. note: the Greeks] can diplomatically take advantage of the situation. Lately our opponents [B.S. note: FYROM] have given us plenty of arguments to knock them down on the international stage. We remind the readers that the Albanian-speakers represent approximately 30% of the population, meaning that a large part of the citizens of Skopje consider it to be an “artificial state”. What more can we ask for?

  1. Tito's Brainwashed Republic permalink

    Skopje had a chance to accept Athens change from no Macedonia(n) in the name & identity to compromising in accepting Macedonia(n) as part of the name & identity which has a geographical qualifier.
    North Macedonia, Gorna Makedonija, New Macedonia, Vardar Makedonija, Makedardania, Makedonslavia, Paeonia Macedonia or Makedonillyria.
    The chance could be gone with Samaras as Prime Minister & a Greek population which is sick of the anti Greek propaganda in FYROM that hatred towards FYROM is growing so much that the police & military have anti FYROM chants & linked to the Goldern Dawn Party in Greece.

    • Mr Fixit permalink

      Skopje & Athens are being pressured by the USA to solve the name dispute & Russia isn’t happy about it. It’s all about the USA, EU & Russia competing for the gas & oil in the region. Skopje would benefit if they changed it’s name to “Republika Vardar Makedonija”. Would mean NATO & EU membership plus wealth from the gas pipeline & oil going between Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, Greece, FYROM etc. The plan for the EU anyway is for a United States of Europe.

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