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The Albanian Opposition of FYROM asks for the resignation of Nikola Gruevski

March 25, 2012

Source: DefenceNet,
[Translated from Greek]

Zijadin Sela

The Albanian opposition in the National Assembly accused the Interior Ministry of the country of being guilty for the murder of the two Albanians in Gostivar and for the attacks against the Albanian school children in a bus in Skopje.

The Albanian MP of the Democratic Party (DPA), Zijadin Sela, asked that the government resign, accusing the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and the members of the ministerial council that they have blood of Albanians on their hands.

Gruevski refuted the claims of the MP Sela, saying that his party (the Albanian Democratic Party – DPA) had other views in 2006-8 when it was part of the government.

“I am surprised by the fact that when we were in the government together, the government was goof and the Prime Minister was not anti-Albanian; now that you are in the opposition you present us as bloodthirsty murderers. This is not a moral stance, but a double-faced stance”, said Gruevski.

The discussion continued with disagreements between the government and the Albanian opposition.

The Albanian party accused the Interion Ministry that until today it has not been able to locate the culprits of the recent attacks that took place in Kumanovo, where three students were injured.

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