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Negative Stance of FYROM toward NATO and EU

March 21, 2012

Source: Kathimerini, 20.03.2012

[Translated from Greek]


The irredentist politics and the subsequent propaganda of the government of FYROM are now imprinted on the public opinion of the neighbouring country, which apart from the negative stance against Greece and its leadership, has started to adopt and increasingly negative opinion for NATO and the EU. While until recently the entry of the country into the two institutions had high rates of support from the citizens, now the Slavomacedonians of FYROM answer that in their majority the do not trust the policy of the EU and NATO. According to the results of a poll published by the newspaper Dnevnik, just 41% of Slavomacedonians declares that it trusts the EU and 39% NATO.

Greece, as could be expected, is to be found in the last place as far as the trust that various countries inspire in the citizens of the neighbouring country. Just 4% of the Slavomacedonians and 12% of Albanians answer that they trust Greece. On the contrary the greatest trust is given to Turkey, with 77% of Slavomacedonians and 66% of Albanians declaring that they trust its policies. In an absolute relation come the answers concerning the trust in leaders of the region, with Recep Tayyip Erdogan being the most popular, with a rating of 70,2% and Giorgos Papandreou coming last, with a percentage of just 9,6%. As far as world leaders are concerned, Angela Merkel is the most popular, with 63,7%, and Nikola Sarkozy is least popular with 22,5%. Greece is in the last place of countries where the citizens of FYROM would want to live, with a percentage of just 6,9%: In the first place; with 53%, is Switzerland.

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