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Molotov Attack on the Embassy of FYROM in Pristina

March 17, 2012

Sources:  Naftemboriki, 17.03.2012

[Translated from Greek]

A Molotov bomb was thrown by persons unknown during the night of Friday at the Embassy of FYROM in Pristina, resulting in a fire and small material damages. According to information, three unknown people using a car, threw the Molotov bamb and fled the scene.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry of FYROM strongly condemned the attack. “Given that this is yet another serious incident, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expects that the authorities in Kosovo to condemn it expressly and unreservedly and to do all that is necessary to find and arrest the culprits and apportion blame accordingly, is stated in the announcement.

This is the second attack of the embassy of FYROM in Pristina in this last period. Last week, unknown persons threw stones at the building, causing small-scale material damages.

It is assumed that these attackes come as a reaction to the murder of two young Albanians by a Slavomacedonian Police officer, about 20 days ago, in the town of Gostivar of FYROM, an incident that caused interethnic tensions in FYROM and many small-scale incidents especially between young Slavomacedonians and Albanians.

Source: To Vima, 17.03.2012 & Ta Nea, 17.03.2012

[Translated from Greek]

Small demonstrations were also staged during the last days in Albania. In the town of Bureli of Albania a flag of FYROM was even burned.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Poposki and of Albania Edmond Hatzinasto, during their meeting last Friday in Skopje condemned any incident that harm the relations of their two countries.

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