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Greek “No” to the decree of the European Parliament for the accession discussions of FYROM

March 15, 2012

Source: Naftemboriki, 14.03.2012

The Head of the N.D. Europarliamentarians, Marietta Giannakou

The decree of the European Parliament for the Progress Report of FYROM for 2011, where reference is made to immediate commencement of accession negotiations with the counter, was voted against by the Europarliamentarians of N.D. and PA.SO.K., with the head the Europarliamentarians for N.D., mrs Marietta Giannakou, clarifying that no Greek government will agree before a mutually acceptable solution to the name issue is found.

During he intervention in the Plenary Session of the European Parliament, mrs Marietta Giannakou insisted on the fact that it is not just a bilateral disagreement. “The problem is not only the name. It is the propaganda and the effort to antiquize the problems. We cannot go against real history and against logic”, she underlined and continued: “Those who claim that in the name of stanility we must forget this issue, when in this country young people are been educated in a different reality than the one that exists, they are very wrong”.

Answering a remark of an Europarliamentarian concerning the financial difficulties that Greece faces, the head of the Europarliamentarians of N.D. clarified that no Greek no Greek government will agree before a mutually acceptable solution to the name issue is found.

In any case, she noted, the institution responsible for deciding on the issue is the Council.

“Instead of encouraging an incredible propaganda that comes from the old regime and its old plans, you should finally tell this country what it must do if it wants to have relations of good neighbourship with other countries”, concluded mrs Giannakou, speaking to the assembly.

As is noted in the relative statement, in spite of the positive references to many Greek demands concerning the name of FYROM and the principle of good neighbourship that every candidate for accession must respect, the final text of the decree is not balanced, as it does not distribute the responsibilities for today’s impasse in the effort to find a mutually acceptable agreement on the issue of the name correctly.

The decree was also voted against by the Europarliamentarians of PA.SO.K., with the head of the Parliamentary Group, Marilena Koppa underlining during the discussion in the Plenary Session that “despite the efforts of these last two years, mr Gruevski continues to play the same games and refuses to approach the dialogue in a constructive spirit”.

“Now that the NATO summit is approaching, there is again movement’, commented mrs Koppa and repeated that a solution that satisfies the two sides must be found on the basis that has repeatedly been described: a geographic definition with a use erga omnes. “Every wasted day is a wasted opportunity to overcome the problem. Greece, despite its difficulties, has not stopped working for a solution. We salute the high-level meetings with FYROM, but they do not in any way replace the accession discussions. However only the solution of the name issue is the key for this process”, was the message of the head of the PA.SO.K. Europarliamentarians.

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