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FYROM: Canellation of Football Matrches due to the Fear of Interethnic Violence

March 15, 2012

Source: Naftemboriki, 15.03.2012

[Translated from the Greek]

The potential that the clashes between Slavomacedonians and Albanians that took place during the last days, be transferred to the football stadiums, forced the Football Association of FYROM to put off the match between the teams Skendija of Tetovo and Vardar of Skopje, which had been scheduled to take place today in Tetovo.

At the same time all games of the next weekend were put off.

The tension between Young Albanian-Speakers and Slavic-Speakers in FYROM is taken to the Football Fileds

Source: Ta Nea, 15.03.2012

During the previous days police arrested the head of the fans of Skendija for his participation in an interethnic incideent in Tetovo. The fans of the team, who are Albanians from Tetovo, menaced that if their leader is not immediately released, then they will cause incidents during the match with Vardar, which is the largest slavomacedonian team.

At least twenty incidents between Slavomacedonians and Albanian-speakers have happened during the previous days, especially in Skopje and Tetovo, which according to all indications have an interethnic sub-current and happened after the incident in Gostivar where, about two weeks ago, a Slavomacedonian police officer murdered two young Albanians.

However these last days it seems that calm is returning and the incidents have almost ceased.

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