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The European Parliament requests the immediate commencement of accession negotiations for FYROM

March 14, 2012

Source: Naftemporiki, 14.03.2012


A decree on the progress report of FYROM that requests the immediate commencement of accession negotiations with the EU, without a specific mention of the condition of resolving the name issue, was approved, with a large majority, by the Plenary Session of the European Parliament.

Specifically, with the decree, an appeal is made to the European Council to set a date for the beginning of the accession talks with the country, with no further delay, while regret is expressed by the European Parliament for the fact that “the issue of the name continues to block the way of the country for its entry into the EU, thus blocking the procedure of enlargement itself”.

Furthermore, according to the decree, the European Parliament “is sorry” for the omission of the term “Macedonian” from FYROM’s Progress Report for 2011, something that has been happening since 2009, despite the fact that –as is noted- this is the usual term for references to the language, the culture and the identity of the country in texts of the UN.

The European Parliament agrees with the estimation included in the Progress Report of the Commission for 2011, concerning the continued fulfilment of the political criteria on its behalf, praises FYROM for its good financial results and the maintenance of long-term stability, but “notes its worry for the use of historical arguments in the current exchange of ideas, including the phenomenon of so-called ‘antiquization’, which threatens to increase tensions with neighbouring countries and create new internal divisions”.

Apart from this the decree notes that the country has much more to do in the sectors of the fight against corruption, justice and freedom of the press and of expression, and in the sensitive area of the protection of minority rights.

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