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FYROM: N. Gruevski condemns the intercommunal violence

March 14, 2012

Source: Naftemboriki, 13.03.2012

[Tranlsated from the Greek]

The cases of inter-communal violence in FYROM was condemned by the Prime Minister of the Country Nikola Gruevski, sending a message to all directions that responsibility and the spirit of cohabitation dominate.

As he said, the police has increased security measures and has arrested about 30 people for the violence, while he warned that those arrested will face heavy accusations.

“I invite all parties, political and not political elements, citizens, teachers, professors, parents and the young people themselves to act in a responsible manner in the spirit of cohabitation, which has been constructed over years, decades, centuries”, underlined mr Gruevski.

During the last week more than 20 cases of violence between young men of the two greatest ethnic communities of the country have been recorded, especially in Skopje and Tetovo.

The violence comes after the recent events in Gostivar, with the assassination of two young Albanians by a police officer and the mass demonstrations of the Albanian inhabitants of this city.

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