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Greece: adulterated fuel

March 13, 2012

Part of an article by Giannis Souliotis in Kathimerini, 11.03.2012



Smuggling and virtual exportation


The evidence that the Financial Police and the Fiscal Controllers posses about the action of the smugglers that work mostly in Attica is revealing. The investigation was previously performed by the National Information Agency. It concerns two businessmen, who control numerous gas stations especially in Attica. From the evidence gathered against them it is revealed that the adulterated, in their own reservoirs, the fuel using ethanol and fed it to their own gas stations. Their profit is thus boosted from 0.03 to 0.5 euros/litre! These businessmen are reportedly involved in virtual exportation of petrol products to Bulgaria and FYROM. In order not to pay taxes to Greece they provided virtual acts of sale which prove that the whole amount of the quantity bought from the Greek refineries has supposed to have been exported to Bulgaria and FYROM. In the chain of illegality, according to information, we find the participation of customs officers from both sides of the border, who participated in the falsification of the acts of sale, orders of transport etc. It is indicative of their practices that while in 2010 the declared exports to FYROM from Greece were of a value of 55,8 mil. Dollars, the importations from FYROM toward Greece were…zero!

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