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Karatzaferis: “FYROM should not be named ‘Macedonia’”

March 12, 2012

Giorgos Karatzaferis

 Source: Ta Nea, 11.03.2012

If it is necessary for LA.O.S. to participate in discussions for a coallition government it will demand written guarantees from its partners, underlined the President of the party, Giorgos Karatzaferis, during his speech  to party members, launching an attack against PA.SO.K. and N.D.

Concerning the national issues he stated that “they accepted a reduction of Greek spending on defence by 400 mil. This means that Turkey will have a party in the Archipelago. It is doing whatever it likes!

This reduction gives the strategic advantage to Turkey, whenever it wants to create de facto situations as it did in Cyprus in 1974 and in Constantinople in 1955. We will not permit this! And they should know that all this things that they are doing, are being charges to them. And every day they will have to pay at the court of their own conscience.”

He made special mention to the question of the name of FYROM, warning that the name “Macedonia” must not be given to FYROM and declaring that he will demand a referendum for the name.

“Let them not dare, because Greece is economically fatigued, do what the Papadimos government is planning, with the guilty silent acceptance from some, to give the name ‘Macedonia’ to Skopje. We will declare a popular revolution!

We will not give the name. We will not loan the history of our country to anyone. Let Samaras dare, who toppled the Mitsotakis government in 1993, bind us to whatever name is proposed by the UN, he will be under the judgment of the Geek people. Let there be a referendum, so that the Greek people can decide whether it will give the name “Macedonia”. If they dare, let them do it! We accept do no sales, no compromise on the national issues. As we will not on the issue of the illegal immigrants. We will not back down.”



Balkan Story note:

Giorgos Karatzaferis is the founder and president of the far-right wing party LA.O.S. [Popular Orthodox Rally]

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